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- Model 858/859 - Exhaust Gas Scrubber



The Delatech CDO 858/859 Exhaust Gas Scrubber has long been considered the standard for Advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Process gas abatement, and has been effectively used with all PECVD, LPCVD & MOCVD process gases.   Delatech scrubbers are also widely used in Thin Film processes. This versatile gas scrubber utilizes a combination Thermal Oxidation Chamber and a Primary/Secondary Cooling Wet Scrubbing Chamber to effectively abate toxic, flammable and corrosive gases.

CDO 859 Reconditioning Process (high level)

  • Thermal chamber & wet scrub assembly is removed, decontaminated and cleaned.
  • Spray nozzles checked for proper flow rate and repositioned for optimum coverage.
  • Scrubber balls, O-rings, and seals are cleaned and/or replaced.
  • Recirculation unit is cleaned — components checked and recalibrated if necessary.
  • CDO is then reassembled, functions are tested, sensor/alarms are checked.
  • Gas Scrubber is tested at full temperature for 24 hours to ensure optimal working order.
  • All systems are backed by CSI’s 6 month warranty

Standard Features

  • 1, 2, or 4 inlet nozzles (allowing up to 4 connections to process chambers, process tools, or vacuum pumps)
  • Thermal Reaction Chamber features a resistive heating element.
  • Primary and Secondary wet cooling/scrubbing sections.
  • Demister Washing System provides automatic cleaning
  • Exhaust Moisture Suppression System.
  • Liquid level detection.
  • Tool interlocks to process tools

Available Options

  • Cooling/Scrubbing Recirculation
  • Sump Pump
  • Cabinet Exhaust Alarm
  • CSI Designed “U” Drain and Cooling Nozzle Assembly (see photos above)

 Delatech CDO Selection Criteria

  • Mixture of Gases
  • Individual & Total Gas Flow Rates
  • Duty Cycle
  • Single Pass or Water Recirculation
  • Number of Ports Desired ( 1 – 4 )
  • Desired Options

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