Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH

- Three-Shaft Shredder



The uniform shredding of coarse materials: that’s the speciality of the ERDWICH three-shaft shredder. ERDWICH has created the three-shaft design especially for these requirements. Entirely free of clogging and jamming – even with solid materials. Clever, huh?. Absolutely: after all, the three cutter shafts and their individual sets of blades rotate at different speeds, so as to continuously pull in and precisely shred the feedstock material. If the material is too large, the sweeper shaft simply transfers the material to the lower cutter shafts for further size reduction. Again and again – until the material is the exact size as specified. Tirelessly, and with perfect reliability. Fragment size  selection itself is achieved by the perforated screen substructure through which the material exits after the shredding process.

Precise shredding of large and solid materials. That’s what ERDWICH does.

  • Rugged rotor blade cutting system with sweeper shaft
  • Individually fitted, replaceable cutter discs
  • Central, pivotable screen basket
  • Bulkhead seals to protect the shaft bearing
  • Mechanical and hydraulic drive systems available
  • PLC unit featuring automated reverse and power down

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