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Gas Feed Unit

The LAMBDA gas feed unit represents plant technology with multi-functional applications. It can be used both in mines to suction off large amounts of gas and to transport biogas over long distances to the next utilisation point. The plant technology is designed individually for the respective requirements. The unit has a condensation separator with demister block and an integrated gas fine filter as standard. A condensation collection unit (e.g. 1,000 litre capacity) can be connected to the separator as an option. The machine room and gas analysis have an air monitoring system. A gas meter (turbine meter or mass flow meter) registers the station flow. The selection of proven and profitable individual components means the plant has a high level of operational reliability with excellent profitability. The combination of speed regulation, rotary regulator and mechanical pressure regulator means the plant has a wide operating range both with regard to the feed amount and regarding the suction and pressure ranges that can be achieved. The gas analysis unit can also be supplied optionally with a CO2-analyser in addition to the standard channels CH4 and O2. Data telecommunication and remote evaluation can also be provided in the switching cabinet. Several compressor units can be operated in combination using the extensive programming of the Siemens control system. Up to four units can implement gas feed amounts of up to 16,000 m³/h as standard under a master container.

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