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Green Eye Product Test Facility is prepared to solve your recycling challenges at our Hampstead, NH Research and Development test facility. Imagine the advantage of operating one optical sorter with the flexibility to sort multiple commodities with the ability to evolve with each market challenge in real time. It takes a surprising amount of manpower and time to effectively sort a large amount of recyclables. While previous attempts to automate sorting haven’t been that successful, the Green Eye® Optical Sorting Recycling System uses new patented technology to make the process quick, easy, and error-free.

  • Green Eye® optical sorter recycling technology automatically identifies and sorts most recyclables offering clean commodity recovery reducing labor costs while increasing throughput.
  • GREEN EYE® identifies all recyclable materials using its patented Artificial Intelligent Hyper Spectral imaging system, which gathers information based on an objects molecular structure, like no other sorter!
  • Our quickly evolving technology is solving a multitude of industry material processing problems with efficiencies exceeding 94% at ever-increasing sort speeds.
The Green Eye® Optical Sorting Vision System uses an optical scanner to collect three-dimensional information about each piece of recycling on a molecular level. This allows the system to see through wrappers and other packaging, letting us identify unique colors and molecules. The optical sorting process is done using a high speed conveyor belt that can operate at speeds up to 900 FPM. This high speed processor collects information that allows the system to sort items into wanted and unwanted items simultaneously with 95% or more accuracy. This lets the Green Eye® system remove or block undesired materials from the air ejector miss-hits, achieving a clean pick rate that other systems simply cannot match. In most cases, this optical sorting system removes any need for post sorting.

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