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- Mini/Mid Polisher Separation Recycling Equipment



GREEN SCREENS®mini/mid polisher separation screens offer most of the same attributes as our famous full size screens. Differences are that these screens process fewer tons per hour, cost less and can be located within an 18’ building clear height. GREEN MACHINE® systems utilize these smaller polishers for final removal of flattened containers from the fiber stream but can also be used as a primary separation screen for recyclers running 12 or less tons per hour. Like the full size screening systems, our patented GREEN SCREENS® wrap resistant spacer systems and field adjustable disc spacing, coupled with the industry’s lowest per ton rubber disc wear cost, makes GREEN SCREENS® the recycling industry’s best performing separation system.


STANDARD DECK: Surface size 25’ x 114″

STANDARD OVERALL HEIGHT: 20’ 11” fully lifted height

POLISHING SYSTEM INFO: 2-1/4″ x 3-5/16″ opening size

NEWS SYSTEM INFO: 11-3/8″ x 3-5/16″ opening size


SINGLE POLISHING SCREEN: Estimated TPH-9-16 TPH single stream material

DUAL NEWS, POLISHING SCREEN COMBO: Estimated TPH 18-35 TPH single stream material


THREE ZONE DESIGN: Each zone speed and angle individually adjustable

COMPOSITE DISC DESIGN: Split disc for easy replacement. Spacer design: patent pending wrap resistant split spacer design

FINES REMOVAL SCREEN: Patent pending auto articulating deck, optional

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