Intereco S.n.c.

- Model Rotoset Series - Dynamic Thickeners



Dynamic thickener ROTOSET with a sludge capacity up to 60 m3/hr. The unit is complete with vertical cylindrical reactor with impeller for a perfect sludge/polyelectrolite mixing, with a centrifugal filter cloth washing water pump, able to recycle the thickener filtrate, this to avoid water consumption and the increasing of the WWPT hydraulic head. ROTOSET is assembled on a hot dip zinc carbon steel frame (Skid).

  • Four models for sludge capacity of 5-30 mc/h
  • Low investment and management costs and polyelectrolite consumption.
  • Continuous dehydratation of sludge, up to 8% S.S.
  • Mixed sludges thickening, up to 12% S.S.
  • Volume reduction for transport and disposal costs saving
  • Variable speed mixing cylinder water, without consumption
  • No hydraulic load increase

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