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LAMBDA-CHC (Poor-gas-system)


Small, economical gas extraction stations that can be used with a high degree of flexibility with various utilisation and treatment technologies are required for active gas extraction from older landfills. LAMBDA has a compact and cost-effective gas extraction station precisely for this application. Apart from the LAMBDA CHC, freestanding conventional HT flares or biological treatment methods such as e.g. LAMBDA-OCHC can be connected. Pressurecontrolled operation is provided to permit the connection of small gas engines. External collecting pipes can also be provided to connect several landfill gas sections to the container. The station has a condensation separator as standard with a demister block and integrated fine gas filter. A condensation collector (e.g. 750 litre capacity) in the container can be connected to the condensation separator optionally. The machine room and gas analysis have room air monitoring. The station extraction amount is recorded by a turbine gas meter.

The selection of proven and economical individual components means that the plant has excellent operational safety and  fficiency. The combination of speed regulation, speed governors and mechanical pressure regulators gives the plant a wide operating range regarding both the extraction amount and the suction and feed pressure ranges that can be reached. The gas analysis system is available with an optional CO2 analyser as well as the standard CH4 und O2 channels. Remote data transmission and evaluation can also be provided for in the switch cabinet.

The LAMBDA CHC system is available as a stand-alone solution without a compressor station in the performance ranges stated. This system permits retrofitting of an existing gas extraction plant to lean gas technology and existing compressor and analysis technology can be used further.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Very low noise level
  • No visible flame
  • Continuous data recording
  • Complete combustion due to high level of excess air

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