Sven Leckel Ingenieurburo GmbH

Sven Leckel Ingenieurburo GmbH

- Model SEQ47/50-CD - Sequential Sampler With Cooler



PM10 and PM2,5 standard reference sampler according to CEN EN 12341 (2014) .

  • Cooling of the magazine for the sampled filters to < 23 °C according to CEN EN 14907 by Peltier cooler (up to 35 °C ambient temperature)
  • Measurement of the temperature of the sampled filters directly inside the magazine (not the temperature of the cold air flow close to the cooler)
  • Covered filters within the magazine
  • Data storage on USB and memory stick
  • Option: GSM modem with SMS status signals on smartphone
  • Sampling system equipped with sheath air
  • Temperature measurement directly downstream the filter
  • Stainless steel housing for outdoor use
  • Impactor inlets with exchangeable jets (1 set: 8 pieces, each) for PM10 – PM4,0 – PM2,5 – PM1,0
  • Impactor inlet with ozone denuder for PAHs (BaP) according to CEN EN 15549
  • TSPM Inlet according to VDI 2463 parts 5 and 8
  • Use of filters with diameters of 47 mm and 50 mm

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