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- Span and Zero Gas Dampening System



The zero and span gas and sometimes the carrier gas as well might have to be set to a defined moisture level in order to obtain reproducible analysis values. To set a defined level of moisture for zero and span gases.

MCZ provides differently dimensioned systems for this purpose; these systems are used to set the rel. gas humidity.

Construction and process depend on use.

MCZ offers two basic options:

  1. A part of the treated zero air is set to a rel. humidity of 100%. Based on total flow, a program calculates the portion of the dry zero air that has to be replaced by the zero air with 100% rel. humidity in order to set the required humidity level. Mass flow controllers are used by the program to establish this ratio.
  2. The second option of dampening the gas consists of calculating the absolute water quantity at a specific rel. humidity in relation to the total flow. The calculated water portion is continuously removed from a storage container and added to the gas to be dampened condensation free via an atomizer. A mass flow controller for liquids regulates the required quantity of water.

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