- Model MT3000 - Secondary Fine Shredder


The Molinari single-shaft shredder is an innovative machine in the field of grinding technology. It provides greater productivity than traditional fine shredders with presser, with the given energy consumption, or, for the same given production, it reduces energy consumption by up to 30%.

It is equipped with a safety Release System designed to protect the rotor in case of presence of non-compliant materials. Unlike other machines on the market, the Molinari single-shaft shredder does not need a presser to push the material against the rotor, thanks to the patented 'hollow rotor'.

In fact, it is able to 'grab' the material without the aid of other devices, with the great advantage of working in a continuous way and with a constant energy consumption. Above the grinding chamber a feeding device is mounted, which is composed of two toothed rollers, which have the function to open every bulky material agglomerate and especially to regulate the flow of material in the lower part where the cutting down takes place.

On the basis of the energy consumption, the rollers can stop interrupting the supply of the material and allowing to fall within the parameters of optimum consumption.

Treated material For plastic, biomass and alternative fuels.

It is suitable to reduce the material introduced to a homogeneous dimension. It can handle:

  • processing waste
  • CDR
  • RDF
  • alternative fuels
  • pallets
  • biomass
  • straw bales.

  • specifically designed for waste (RDF)
  • special hopper for continuous feeding
  • interchangeable and sharpenable blades
  • rapid replacement of the grids
  • number of revolutions of the rotor adjustable
  • safety couplings to protect the rotor in case of the presence of non-compliant materials
  • all parts are equipped with safety guards and devices.

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