Molinari S.r.l.

Molinari S.r.l.

Molinari is a company 100% Made in Italy that deals directly with the design, manufacturing and installation of recycling machines. In the last two years, it has strongly invested in research and development of new products. Innovation must, before all else, produce a simple, functional structure, because this means less risk of breakage and easy maintenance. Innovation must offer energy savings compared to market standards, because using less energy means more profit. Molinari manufactures granulator mills for plastic, rubber, wood, copper and waste materials. In 1995 the Molinari Mill Granulator is manufactured and patented. This machine was completely new and had much success in the field of granulation of plastic waste, wood and tires. In 2011, the historic production site Grassobbio (BG) is transferred to a new covered area of 4000 square meters in Lenna, Brembana Valley, where there is a well equipped test area where clients can test the machines with their products.

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via dell`Industria, 4 , Lenna (Bergamo) , 24010 24100 Italy
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Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)
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The entire production process of the Molinari machines is done internally in the factory in Lenna, in the province of Bergamo.

Every step that leads to the installation of a machine Molinari, from design to setting, is followed directly by the personnel: engineers, technicians and skilled workers will ensure the achievement of high quality standards that have always distinguished the work nosto and the satisfaction of grinding requirements - even special - esperesse by the customer.

Full Service

Customer service is an essential aspect of Molinari supplies. The purchase of one of our machines is just the first step of a long route during which our technicians will always be at your side, from the phase of system adjustment to the supply of spare parts.

Grinding tests

The Molinari machines are fit to process a near infinite range of materials. It is possible to carry out grinding tests at out premises to study the applications of the granulated product.

Engineering and manufacture

We engineer and manufacture the machines in our workshop.

All the models can be customized with optional features or special applications.

We can also make changes tailored for the insertion of the machines in pre-existent systems, upon client request.

Installation and setting

Each material has its own characteristics just as each client has his own needs. We don't claim to have all the answers, but our experience is at your full availability to make the adjustments necessary for the machine to function properly, ensuring the requested productive output.

Post-sales assistance

We offer all the services that are necessary to guarantee consistent machine performance: sharpening of the blades, original spare blades, maintenance, spare parts, and a diagnostic service to spot out any possible operation errors.

Sharpening the blades

To give our clients an even more complete assistance, we've recently added the grinding of used blades to the range of our services. The process is carried out directly by our mechanical workshop, thus providing the service at a cheap price.