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- Model PHOT-PACK - Handheld Photometer Introductory Package



For Easy, On-Site Analysis of Nitrate and Phosphate in a Variety of Sample Types. NECi's handheld photometer coupled with enzyme-based on-site test kits offers accurate and reliable quality data anywhere.  The photometer interfaces with Android mobile devices via Bluetooth technology to provide digital results which are stored and easily exported for further analysis & collaboration.

The computational software is included in the free Android mobile application, with options to track sample collection date, time, and location.  The device is enclosed in a durable 3-D printed case made of PLA, a biodegradable thermoplastic from renewable resources.

  • Portable, Rechargeable, Durable
  • User-friendly Mobile App Interface
  • Data Tracking & Storage on Android Devices
  • Wireless Interface to Mobile Devices
  • GPS + Sample Collection Time Features
  • Easy Export via CSV for Further Analysis
  • Enzymatic Test Kits for Quality Data & Non-Hazardous Analysis
  • Small Reaction Volumes Minimize Waste
  • True Optical Bench + Cuvettes for Reliable Results
  • Quick, Economical Analysis for Many Applications

NECi guarantees Photometer replacement, at no cost, for 6 months from date of purchase. After 6 months and up to a year, unsatisfied customers may request replacement at NECi's discretion.

  • Weight:  4.3 oz (124 grams)
  • Dimensions:  92 mm L x 66 mm W x 42 mm H
  • Wavelengths:  360 nm, 540 nm
  • Parameters: Nitrate-N (Standard or Low Range), Phosphate (Standard or Low Range)
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Compatibility: Android Mobile Devices
  • % Error: Less than 10

NECi's handheld photometer is optimized for use with enzyme-based on-site test kits for nitrate and phosphate. No other commercially available photometer would accept standard, square cuvettes that are used in precise laboratory analysis and in our own simplified on-site test kits, so we made our own. The National Science Foundation funded the development of an open-source version of this technology which was published in PLOS One in conjunction with Dr. Pearce's team at Michigan Technological University.

Since the publication, our team has fine-tuned this technology for easy nitrate and phosphate analysis in the field using a mobile application for Android devices, which tracks and stores the data. Heavy emphasis on the design of the internal hardware was stressed rather than the case design, making this device affordable and widely accessible for anyone to use. The real technology is in the enzymes - they do the work providing accurate, reliable, usable data. The handheld photometer simply provides a digital readout of results on mobile Android devices.

features of the first handheld, smartphone-linked, dual-wavelength photometer


No trained operator needed, this device and test kits are designed for out of the box accurate results


The 3-D printed case made from renewable PLA coupled with green analytical chemistry enzyme reagents makes nitrate and phosphate analysis the greenest on the market.


These photometers are based off of real laboratory spectrophotometer technology, scaled down to a handheld size. Using with NECi's enzyme-based on-site test kits provides accurate data anywhere.


Results can be stored in custom sample lists for organization, storage, and easy export of a CSV file for further analysis, collaboration, and sharing


No expensive equipment, trained operator, laboratory space, or operating expenses required.


This device provides on-the-go accurate, reliable data. It fits in the palm of your hand and operates with a rechargeable lithium ion battery through standard USB ports.


This device accepts standard 1 mL reaction cuvettes that are used for laboratory analysis. Small sample volume means less waste, lower reagent costs, and accurate measurement with the flat sided cuvettes.


Automatically track when and where samples are collected by simply turning this option on in the app settings. This data is stored in sample lists, ready upon export.

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