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The MAXUM Edition II process gas chromatograph, the result of decades of international experience and technology development, leads the industry in capability, flexibility and reliability. The Maxum edition II is used in all branches of the gas processing and oil refining as well as the hydrocarbon and chemical processing industries. It performs chemical composition analysis of gases and liquids that are present in all phases of production for process and quality control, for safety as well as environmental measurements.

The Maxum is built for installation in harsh environments either directly online or nearby in at-line process measurement laboratories. Its application flexibility allows it to analyze samples of feedstock, partially processed streams, final products and process by-products including wastes and environmental hazards

MAXUM is the most flexible on-line process gas chromatograph utilizing traditional airbath or cost saving airless analyzer oven, independently heated trace detectors and parallel chromatography for analytical simplicity and quick maintainability.

An addition to the MAXUM GC analysis platform is a modular oven option. The modular oven option is an airless oven design where complete chromatograph modules are snapped into place. Removal and replacement of a module can be performed in mere minutes, dramatically lowering operation and maintenance of the gas chromatograph and with very high certainty of proper repair. The module can then be repaired at the user’s convenience in their maintenance shop or returned for refurbishment at Siemens

MAXUM edition II with its combination of different analytical components offers a wide range of analytical possibilities. It is therefore possible to solve highly different measuring tasks with just one product. This reduces the costs for investment, training and stocking of spare parts.


  • Detector types: Thermal conductivity (TCD/8 cells or 2 cells), flame ionization (FID); flame photometry (FPD), helium ionization (HID), photo-ionization (PID), electron capture (ECD)
  • Number of detectors: Several options: possible detector modules
  • Ovens: Single or double
  • Temperature ranges: Up to 280°C (airless); up to 225°C (airbath) isothermal operation
  • PTGC and sub-ambient: Up tp ~320°C in PTGC; up to ~20°C below ambient (airbath only)
  • Samples/Valves: Vapour or liquid (various valves)

Modular Oven

  • Detector types: Thermal conductivity (TCD / 4 cells (small module) or 2x4 cells (large module)
  • Number of detectors: Several options:  possible detector modules
  • Ovens: Single or double, each available in small or large
  • Temperature ranges: 60 - 80 °C
  • PTGC and sub-ambient: ---
  • Samples/Valves: Vapor sample only, model 50 valve

  • Simultaneous applications: Use one MAXUM edition II to provide the functionality of several GCs
  • Parallel chromatography: Separate complex analytical tasks into simple parallel tasks
  • Cost of ownership: Flexible oven concept results in low consumption of air and energy
  • Numerous oven configurations permit and optimum solution for almost every application
  • Wide range of detectors including FID, TCD, FPD, PDD (HID, PID, or ECD mode)
  • Single or multi-detector configurations make this the most versatile Process Gas Chromatograph available
  • Numerous types of valves for the optimum analytical solution, incl valveless LIVE column switching using electronic pressure control
  • Smart electronics, local operation and central work station for fast and simple operation, monitoring and maintenance
  • Easy to operate large colored touch-display
  • Powerful software for improved results
  • Comprehensive I/Os and serial interfaces for internal and central interfacing
  • Versatile networking possibilities for central maintenance and secure data transfer
  • Many analytical possibilities as result of large application database
  • Large and experienced support team provides global support

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