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Worldwide Solutions for Today’s Process Analyzer Needs. You face real challenges specifying, building, utilities, installation, commissioning, and operating analytical measurement systems in today’s process plant. Now you’ve got more than just the process to measure. The job also includes air, water, and by-products that once were not considered worth measuring. Worldwide competition also means fewer resources are available to you.

You’re asked to do more with less – tighter deadlines, more stringent specifications, and more thorough documentation – but without the ability to take on additional personnel to help you get the job done.

We Can Help

Siemens helps you do more by offering integrated analytical measurement systems that are complete, engineered solutions from process origination to process return (pipe-to-pipe including engineering shelters and installation, startup, and commissioning services).

We simplify your project by taking responsibility for every step – from conception to commissioning – and eliminating the coordination and communication aggravations of dealing with multiple suppliers.

We make your project successful by doing what matters most, delivering key objectives on time, on budget – and with no surprise.

The Siemens Advantage

With Siemens, you gain access to a unique blend of analytical expertise, process knowledge, systems integration and the proven ability to manage all phases of a project from conception through commissioning.

We have over one thousand employees that are ready to help our process industry customers meet their system integration objectives. Our objective is in line with yours – to provide an integrated measurement system that will deliver accurate, reliable measurements with the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Project management know-how

A Siemens project manager is your single point of communications and responsibility.

Our project managers manage experienced teams of experienced project engineers, designers, and analytical instrumentation specialists. This team creates a blend of process analytics and process plant experience providing you with a support team that evaluates your project from your point of view.

Your entire project – analyzers, sample systems, shelters, subsystems, third-party equipment, and presentation of the data – is handled by our project manager through to its successful completion.

Analytical expertise

Tens of thousands of Siemens analyzers are in service worldwide today. The reputation for reliability that our analyzers have achieved is no accident.

This reputation has been earned over decades through 'sweating the details' in sample runs and conditioning techniques, materials selection, and area classification requirements. All are a factor in producing an integrated measurement system that can deliver the performance you demand at startup and throughout its lifecycle.

In summary, we know how to do it right the first time – and that means fewer hassles for you.

Hardware flexibility

Siemens analyzers include a wide variety of analytical measurement technologies and can perform. However, when the customer prefers a different brand or when the measurement requirements cannot be met with our own equipment, we will specify, purchase, package, run-out, and commission any third-party equipment. Our single-source supplier concept goes beyond just delivery – we also service and warranty those systems provided by third-party suppliers.

Siemens knows that communication of analytical data is important; we have experience with interfaces to numerous distributed control systems, computer systems, and Data Acquisition Systems (DAS). Our experienced project engineers capably handle special applications requiring auto calibration, reporting, alarming, and other.

Worldwide systems integration

Siemens has installed analyzers for over thirty years. We've learned that a properly engineered shelter is more than just a place to keep the equipment dry. Its long-term performance is vital to ensuring sustained accuracy and reliability from equipment inside.

We have experience in constructing all sizes and types of shelters including metal, concrete, and fiberglass. We supply you with a fully integrated measurement system.

The Siemens approach to systems integration

It is important to thoroughly understand the requirements of the customer's personnel who will 'own' the measurements. We interface with the customer to survey and define project requirements and develop a preliminary engineering estimate.


We then determine the return on the project's investment and submit it for customer approval.

System design

We form a project team which is led by a project manager. The project team, under the leadership of the project manager, completes specifications for all hardware, engineering, and design concepts. They also prepare quote requests for all third-party equipment, if required.

Equipment procurement

The project team places orders for all equipment from outside suppliers. They begin staging in-house items for immediate integration with purchased equipment in the analyzer shelters.


The project team assembles the entire measurement system. They check equipment interconnects, networking, and validate reporting systems.


With all equipment installed, the project team tests the integrated system as a complete package in a controlled environment. Before shipment, the customer accepts the project and approves it for delivery.

Field installation

The project team moves the system to the plant site for installation. They connect all utilities and sample lines and terminate all field wiring. Service personnel review the complete installation, and qualified service personnel commission the analyzers and validate the integrity of the sample system, calibrate the analyzers, and verify data that will be available to the customer's control system. The project team then turns over the system to the customer for online operation.


Operator acceptance is often an issue when introducing new measurement equipment. Thoroughly training the 'owners' of the measurements in calibrating, operating, and maintaining the analytical equipment speeds acceptance.

Proven project solutions

Siemens unique blend of analytical expertise and process knowledge is unmatched in the industry as we have committed our best resources to provide you with total systems solutions.

Whatever your analytical needs are, we have the experience and capabilities to provide you with on-time, on-budget performance.

Sources of benefits

Working with a global supplier like Siemens can reduce overall project costs. Whether you ask us to handle some or all of your project requirements, you benefit from an integrated service approach that includes:

  • Expertise with all types of analytical applications
  • Single point of responsibility from project conception through extended service and support
  • Availability of service and supply spare parts through a worldwide network of local offices
  • Training performed in native language delivered at local offices or customers' sites
  • Warranties honored worldwide by local Siemens offices

Achieving the results

Benefits are just numbers on paper if they cannot be delivered on-time and on-budget.

Siemens formula for supplying the highest quality of analytical instruments is also used in providing complete, engineered solutions for each project.

We invite you to learn more about the Siemens advantage in systems integration.

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