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There is a growing interest in Subsea ‘all electric’ systems for longer tie backs and deeper water projects which we have seen as a dominant feature of future subsea markets. This is why we have invested research and development into our own range of electric subsea actuators. Although a relatively new and as yet largely un-adopted technology for actuation the benefits are significant. Lower environmental impact. No fluid handling, hydraulic leakage or transportation risks.


With an increase in the development of offshore oil and gas subsea processing and the requirement for longer tiebacks and deeper water to extend the life of existing fields there are certainly two strong drivers indicating that subsea electric and specifically actuation are soon to be widely adopted.

When considering electric systems you can immediately start looking at capital savings for the new installation of composite umbilicals removing the heavy and expensive hydraulic lines and of course the hydraulic consumption with all that involves.

Monitoring and diagnostics

Condition monitoring has to be one of the most valuable benefits of subsea electric actuation ensuring that you maintain efficient and non-disruptive production.

Facilitates preventative maintenance, avoids un-planned shutdowns and therefore prevents any secondary damage.

Control and operation

The obvious benefits of remote control and operation especially when considering some of the distances that are required for operation.

A faster closure time can be achieved as you don’t have the displacement of the hydraulic fluid to contend with or intend the impact of temperature on the fluid.

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