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- Model 2700 - Automated Methyl Mercury Analysis System



The Tekran 2700 Methyl Mercury Analysis System offers an automated solution for complex and time consuming manual techniques. The 2700 is a fully-integrated, gas chromatography, cold-vapor atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer (GC-CVAFS). The 2700 can analyze distilled waters, extracted or distilled tissues and solids, and allows direct analysis of suitable water samples. The Tekran 2700 (MDL=0.002 ng/L) is operated via state-of-the-art, intuitive software. The 2700 offers the capability to interface with other instrumentation such as an ICP-MS for isotopic analysis, and has the ability to characterize multiple mercury species.

The Tekran 2700 Methyl Mercury Auto-Analysis System gives analytical laboratories and researchers automated alternatives to time-consuming and complex manual EPA method 1630 techniques. The Model 2700 offers a fully integrated, compact unit based on atomic fluorescence detection and operated via reliable, intuitive software. The system is pre-programmed to run EPA Method 1630, However, the Model 2700 offers complete method customization including: 1) GC column temperature ramping, 2) Programmable analysis cycle settings, 3) High temperature purge cycles and 4) Choice of trap and GC column. The 2700 will also seamlessly interface with ICP-MS or other analytical instruments.

The Model 2700 enclosure is specially designed for easy access to all serviceable components (e.g. GC column, detector, Tenax/Carbo trap). The Model 2700 includes integrated trouble shooting features such as pre-programmed leak check event cycles and software-based step by step detector maintenance guides. The superior design and features make the Model 2700’s the analyzer of choice for your methyl mercury laboratory.

  • Sample analysis cycle < 7 minutes per sample
  • Highly sensitive, ultra-stable CVAFS Hg detector
  • MDL of 0.002 ng/L
  • Intuitive, reliable TekMDS 2.7 software (based on the 2600 Series)
  • IR trap heating and active cooling
  • Liquid detector shuts down system in case of sample foaming or malfunction
  • Small footprint (51cm X 35cm X 52cm, L:W:H)

Tekran Instrument Corporation introduces the new Tekran 2700 Methyl Mercury Auto-Analysis System. The 2700 has been designed to give analytical laboratories and researches an alternative to the time consuming and complex manual method (EPA 1630). The Tekran 2700 accomplishes this in a fully integrated, self contained compact unit (MDL=0.002 ng/L), operated via state of the art software.

  • Improves Laboratory Efficiency
  • Intuitive & Reliable Software Interface
  • Fully Integrated, Self Contained & Compact
  • Remote Operation & System Monitoring
  • Free Lifetime Technical & Analytical Support

Superior Atomic Fluorescence Detector
The 2700’s florescence detector features all new electronics, flow cell and optical filter to improve the already extraordinary sensitivity, stability and selectivity. The UV lamp is temperature controlled. An optical feedback arrangement ensures constant lamp intensity over the course of the run and from day to day. The AF detector has an argon optical path purge and highly sensitive photomultiplier. No other mercury detector incorporates all these features.

Designed for Flexibility
The 2700 comes ready to operate with a standard EPA Method 1630 compliant analytical setup. However the flexibility of the 2700 is unsurpassed allowing customization for specific applications. The fully-integrated gas chromatography (GC) oven is programmable and accepts both capillary and packed GC columns. Oven temperature ramping and a capillary GC column yield extremely well defined peaks. Fully programmable analysis cycle parameters provide researchers an unparalleled ability to create modified and experimental analytical methods. It will also interface seamlessly with other analytical instruments.

Expert Support
The Series 2700 comes with a Quick Start Guide that will have you up and running in minutes. The system enclosure has been specially designed to allow easy access to all serviceable components. Ask about our on-site setup and training capabilities. We offer remote system evaluation, optimization and testing along with unlimited telephone/email support in the event you require assistance. Your 2700 will be supported by a full team of Tekran application scientists, researchers and engineers with a combined 80+ years of expertise in mercury analytical systems.

Typical Applications:

  • Distilled water samples by EPA Method 1630
  • Natural water samples by direct ethylation
  • Fish, sediments and biota samples
  • Dimethyl mercury in landfill gas
  • Examination of other organo-Hg species
  • Isotopic ratios in combination with ICP-MS

  • Highly sensitive, ultra-stable CVAFS Hg detector
  • MDL of 0.002 ng/L
  • Built-in GC oven
    • Programmable for either isothermal or temperature ramp chromatography
    • Accepts both capillary and packed GC columns
  • IR trap heating and active cooling
  • Utilizes traps made of Tenax OR Carbotrap
  • Able to analyze either distilled or non-distilled samples
    • Direct ethylation or EPA 1630 distilled waters
    • Sediments and biota samples via distillation or extraction
  • Direct vial purge for simplified operation
  • Liquid detector shuts down system in case of malfunction
  • Heated valve manifold prevents potential losses
  • Capable of interfacing to ICP/MS to yield isotopic ratios for methyl mercury
  • Small foot print (51cm X 35cm X 52cm, L:W:H)

  • Based on highly regarded, intuitive Tek-MDS-2 platform
  • Superior chromatographic peak processing
  • Will export data in multiple file formats
  • Software access to all hardware settings
  • Full monitoring / charting of all system processes
  • EPA Method 1630 comes standard
  • Fully programmable analytical sequences for custom applications
  • Automated troubleshooting and flushing sequences

  • Highly sensitive, ultra-stable CVAFS Hg detector
  • MDL of 0.002 ppt (25 mL Sample)
  • Built-in GC oven (isothermal or ramped heating)
  • IR trap heating and active cooling
  • In-vial gas purge; single trap
  • No liquid transfer; carryover eliminated
  • Sensor to halt system if water enters gas lines
  • Heated valve manifold prevents potential losses
  • Designed to interface with ICP-MS

2700 Methyl Mercury Analyzer

Key Specifications:

  • Detector Type: CVAFS
  • Method Detection Limit: 0.002 ppt (ng/L)
  • 2700 Footprint: 14” X 20” (35 X 51 cm)
  • 2621-M Autosampler Footprint: 11” X 19” (28 X 48 cm)
  • Power Requirements: 1625 Watts (Max)
  • Sample Run Time: < 7 minutes
  • Chromatography Column: Capillary or Packed

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