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- Model 1001A - Super Absorbent Polymer



TramflocE 1001A is a water absorbing soil conditioner. TramflocE 1001A is a cross-linked copolymer of acrylamide and potassium acrylate used to absorb and retain large quantities of water and nutrients. TramflocE 1001A is supplied as a white powder with particle sizes of 0.1-0.5 mm.

Tramfloc 1001A is applied in agricultures, horticulture, forestry, mining and other operations where moisture retention is required. TramflocE 1001A has an anionic character and is 100% active with a maximum moisture content of 10 per cent.   TramflocE 1001A is insoluble in water and functions in the usable pH range of 5-9.

Typical Characteristics
Maximum absorption in weight of retained water per weight of TramflocE 1001A is as follows,  a) deionized
water.....380; b) water with 1000 ppm NaCl.....190;     c) in soil, measured under a pressure of 2 arm.....225;     d)
time to reach 60% of maximum absorption, minutes.....10;   e) stability of swollen product in sandy soil, years.....2-
4;     g) approximate bulk density: 0.8.

Application Rates
Rates vary according to the conditions of the soils, crops, water supplies, and wether water is from rainfall or irrigation and the quantities and frequencies of watering. General guidelines are: 2-3 kg/m3 in mixed to substrates consisting of sand, peat and compost; 50-100 g/m2 in broadcasting.

Packaging, Handling and Storage
TramflocE 1001A is available in 25 kg multi wall bags packed 30 per pallet and in 750 kg SuperSaks™, 15 MT/20' container. Storage temperatures should be between 32-100°F. Unopened bags are hygroscopic and should be stored in a cool, dry place. Shelf life is 5 years.

Safety and Health
Dry polymer spills should be left dry and swept up at once. Spills of polymer are slipper}'. Precautions should be taken to prevent them from entering lakes or streams. TramflocE Polymer Cleaner 348 can be used to remove residue from equipment and floors. Polymer can be disposed of according to local regulations or treated with an absorbent material, then collected for subsequent legal disposal. Tramfloc2 1001A has been shown to exhibit a low order of toxicity. Nevertheless, precaution should be taken to prevent inhalation, ingestion or contact with skin or eyes. Observing basic industrial hygiene precautions should prevent any health or safety hazards.

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