Entex Technologies Inc.

- Moving Woven Media System


WavTex is a moving woven media system using Entex’s patent pending EnTextile media in Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) and Submerged Fixed-Film (SFF) systems. Independently moving EnTextile media sheets continually wave in the aeration basin in a random motion, ensuring excellent oxygen and substrate transfer. WavTex is a cost-effective solution for existing activated sludge plants that need more advanced treatment. Because little or no additional tankage is required, WavTex is ideal for plants with limited room for expansion. It is also an excellent choice for space efficient, high performance new plant designs.

WavTex means Simplicity
WavTex requires no in basin retention or drain screens and can be used with existing fine bubble diffuser grids for maximum energy efficiency and minimum retrofit costs.

WavTex means Versatility
Unlike traditional moving media systems, WavTex moving flex media can be used effectively in both fine bubble and coarse bubble systems, without the need to remove existing efficient fine bubble diffuser systems.

Increase capacity & biomass
WavTex moving flex media provides extensive surface area for biomass growth. The attached biomass population can more than double the effective MLSS concentration. The vigorous motion of the EnTextile media in the aeration basin provides a high shear on the surface of the EnTextile media, maintaining a thin biological film. The thin film provides for high rate biological kinetics.

Eliminates Screening
Never worry about plugging of retention screens. The WavTex system also allows for a broader range of tank dimensions, since the system eliminates the potential for media “bunching” at the back end of long basins.

Nitrification & Denitrification
WavTex provides stable growth platforms for slow-growing nitrifiers. Nitrifying plants perform better; non-nitrifying plants are able to nitrify. Plants needing to convert to nitrification can do so at a far lower cost than adding basins.

High Performance Media
Developed based on over 20 years of experience using attached growth media for wastewater treatment, EnTextile media provides high biomass surface area designed to maximize random turbulence and open pathways to create optimum conditions for substrate and oxygen transfer while maintaining biomass density control.

Cost Effectiveness
WavTex improves water treatment with little or no addition of aeration basins or clarifiers. It’s a significantly less expensive way to upgrade activated sludge plants.