Environmental Assessments Consulting

Environmental Assessments Consulting

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A site visit and evaluation with personal interviews, which identify possible past, present, or potential environmental concerns or risks including hazardous waste storage or spills, impoundments, septic systems, leach beds, drums, containers, hazardous substance or petroleum-product use, etc.;

A review of pertinent data for the site, adjacent properties, and properties within the vicinity including regulatory information from Federal, State, Regional and Local agencies, geologic reports, previously conducted site investigations, aerial photographs, MSDS material, historical city directories, Sanborn maps, UST and AST records, permits, etc. which may identify environmental concerns for the site; A review of the site's prior ownership with a minimum of a 50-year environmental search (i.e. title search);

Continuous contact with the client concerning the information gathered and its relevance to the environmental condition of the subject site; and, Preparation of the Phase I report which summarizes findings of the historical research and assesses the degree of potential environmental concern for the site. When recommended by EAC, a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment serves to confirm or deny the potential presence of environmental impacts at the subject site as discovered and identified in the findings of the Phase I ESA.

EAC will provide a detailed breakdown of the scope of work recommended for a Phase II ESA and it will be discussed with the client prior to initiating the work.

After the scope of work is formally approved by the client, EAC will implement the required field work in a timely and efficient manner. All work is performed in accordance with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Guidelines and EAC's Quality Assurance Plan (QAP #93-0135G) which is approved and on file with the FDEP in Tallahassee, Florida.

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