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- Accelerate biodegredation of chlorinated solvents and more

ORVIaugment is a high concentration augment to accelerate biodegredation of chlorinated solvents, such as PCE, TCE, cis-DCE, VC, 1,1,1-TCA and 1,1-DCA. ORVIaugment has been used for several sites in the Netherlands and Belgium with succes. The hyperactive biomass can be diluted up to 50.000 times in the soil and still remain active. Chlorinated solvents are degraded within 6 months in concentrations up to several 10.000 µg/l. ORVIaugment is offered with a no cure- no pay guarantee. We are currently developing cultures for other contaminants, such as BTEXN, pesticides and more. Inquire the options, terms and conditions and contact us.


Bioaugmentation is a inexpensive way of accelarating degredation of chlorinated solvents. ORVIaugment bioaugmentation cultures have been used at several sites in The Netherlands and Belgium.

At the Jacob Gillesstraat in the city of The Hague, we used ORVIaugement the remediate a high concentration zone of PCE, TCE, cis-DCE and VC. Orvion designed and implemented a simple remediation system.

At the site, every 6 months for a period of 2 days carbon source and ORVIdetect are infiltrated using a compact system. 6 months after adding the first round of biomass and bacteria, concentrations up to 20.000 µg/l PCE where degraded to less then 100 µg/l. 


More information can be found on our site using this link. The information is in Dutch, feel free to contact us for more info. 



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