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Air Pollution Control Engineering Services



WESTON's Air Quality Management staff has broad expertise in the technical and economic evaluation of air pollution controls, including the following: Process optimization to reduce emissions. Material substitution.

  • Add-on controls
  • Fume oxidation
  • Carbon adsorption
  • Chemical absorption/wet scrubbing
  • Biofiltration
  • Flue gas recirculation
  • Thermal and catalytic NOx reduction
  • Fabric filtration
  • Electrostatic precipitation

WESTON has performed numerous evaluations of air pollution controls according to regulatory criteria, such as RACT, BACT, and LAER. WESTON has also conducted feasibility studies, prepared performance and design specifications and bid evaluations, negotiated purchase agreements, monitored turnkey construction of controls, and conducted performance/compliance testing for emission control systems for its clients.

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