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  • Environmental Remediation Solutions

    WESTON is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions that safely and cost-effectively address complex remediation challenges, provide economic and environmental benefits, and address public concerns. WESTON can provide the full range of services required to develop and implement any remedial action program, from conducting the environmental impact study, through to design, construction, and operations assistance.

  • Remedial Construction Services

    Remedial Construction Services

    WESTON has performed construction management for over 40 years. Over the past 10 years, WESTON has performed construction to remediate contaminated soil, groundwater, sediment, and structures worth over $1 billion. Our involvement in these projects has varied from substantial amounts of self-performed work to pure construction management, including: Studies and Investigations, Design, Remediation, Transportation and Disposal, Beneficial Reuse, and...

  • Remedial Design Services

    Remedial Design Services

    WESTON works with you to solve your toughest engineering design challenges. Our design capabilities and experience span the complete range of environmental systems, wastewater treatment, hazardous/toxic disposal facilities, and incinerators and landfills using all accepted remediation technologies. Our services include all phases of project development from preliminary reports through the environmental impact study, permit application, design,...

  • Site Assessment Services

    Site Assessment Services

    Tough federal, state and local regulations can be a challenge when developing a new or existing site. Ecological and human health risks and potential resampling costs are other client concerns. We understand these concerns and work with clients to solve these and other tough challenges. WESTON has conducted thousands of routine and high-risk environmental assessment studies for commercial and government sites.

  • Groundwater Remediation Services

    Groundwater Remediation Services

    In 1972, WESTON installed and began operating a groundwater remediation system at the Army Creek Landfill site. At the time, it was one of the first “pump and treat” groundwater remediation systems ever installed. Since that time, WESTON has performed 1,200 projects related to groundwater, wastewater, leachate, and stormwater treatment.

  • Environmental Solutions - Air Quality Management

    WESTON has been providing air quality management services to its industrial, commercial, and institutional clients, ranging from small firms to Fortune 500 companies. WESTON's expertise and experience enables us to accurately identify and address our clients' air quality issues, providing environmental solutions that meet business objectives.

  • Air Pollution Control Engineering Services

    Air Pollution Control Engineering Services

    WESTON's Air Quality Management staff has broad expertise in the technical and economic evaluation of air pollution controls, including the following: Process optimization to reduce emissions. Material substitution.

  • Air Quality Modeling Services

    Air Quality Modeling Services

    WESTON has the staff, computer resources, and experience to conduct air dispersion and deposition modeling in support of air quality permitting, air toxics, risk management, and odor assessment studies. WESTON has conducted specialty projects for clients, such as complex terrain dispersion modeling, accidental release, and cooling tower icing/fogging studies.

  • Air Quality Permitting Services

    Air Quality Permitting Services

    WESTON has prepared, reviewed, and supported thousands of pre-construction and operating permit applications and exemption requests for every type of industry. This includes permit applications required under the Federal New Source Review (NSR)/Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) regulations as well as state and local regulations.

  • Ambient Monitoring Services

    Ambient Monitoring Services

    WESTON has extensive experience in the design, installation, and remote data collection and reporting of ambient air toxics and criteria pollutants. Real-time monitoring can be performed to comply with ambient air quality standards and air toxics guidelines, provide data for risk assessment, and reduce the off-site or community exposure from various construction, demolition, or remediation activities.

  • Environmental Solutions - Water Resources and Ecosystems

    Water: no resource is more essential to our health, our food supply, our environment, and our economic well-being.

  • Ecosystem Restoration - Planning, Design and Construction Services

    Ecosystem Restoration - Planning, Design and Construction Services

    WESTON has the integrated capabilities needed to restore fragile ecosystems impacted by development and industrial activities. Our scientists, engineers, and construction managers have wide-ranging experience in developing sustainable solutions for coastal estuary and river systems, lakes, tidal and nontidal wetlands, and terrestrial ecosystems.

  • Watershed Science and Management Services

    Watershed Science and Management Services

    Most water quality and ecosystem problems are interrelated and best solved at the watershed level. WESTON uses its experienced water quality experts and environmental engineers to work with all parties involved and integrate all necessary considerations into a comprehensive watershed management plan.

  • Environmental Solutions - Health, Safety, and Compliance

    WESTON's EH&S services provide the foundation for sound business decisions that reduce injuries and liability, meet regulations, and improve environmental performance.

  • Health and Safety Services

    Health and Safety Services

    WESTON's international team of health and safety professionals provides solutions that allow our clients to focus on business. For more than 30 years, WESTON has developed health and safety programs for clients and conducted training that helps workers understand how making safe choices benefits them and their employers. We deliver on-site construction that includes hands-on exercises. Multilingual instruction is also available.

  • Environmental Permitting and Compliance Services

    Environmental Permitting and Compliance Services

    WESTON's cooperative, productive relationships with regulatory agencies and our thorough understanding of federal, state, and local regulations helps our clients protect their assets and professional reputation.

  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

    National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

    With 35 years of experience working with DOD and other federal agencies, WESTON understands the difficult decisions confronting our clients regarding environmental concerns and NEPA compliance. WESTON understands all agency-specific NEPA implementation procedures and has extensive experience preparing all components of the NEPA process, including documentation, for federal agencies and third-party clients.

  • Environmental Solutions - High-Hazard Remediation

    High-hazard responses present an unusually high risk to site workers and the public due to the reactive, chemical, radiological, or explosive nature of contaminants. These items pose a clear danger to the health and safety of all personnel that may come in contact with them. High-hazard work demands rigorous skills, attention to detail, and the training and experience to safely handle the response.

  • Integrated High-Hazard Services

    Integrated High-Hazard Services

    WESTON is dedicated to providing safe, integrated, resource-efficient, and technology-passionate solutions to redevelop hazard-impaired properties, sustain ranges and operating areas, and restore former ranges for productive reuse.

  • Cornerstone of our High-Hazard Remediation Services

    Cornerstone of our High-Hazard Remediation Services

    WESTON is committed to safely and efficiently remediating high-hazard sites, whether they contain a single hazard or multiple, commingled materials. Our personnel are trained to safely remediate sites involving explosives, unexploded ordnance, toxic agents, and radioactive materials.

  • Site-Specific Solutions and Innovations

    Site-Specific Solutions and Innovations

    WESTON offers site-specific solutions and innovations to respond to your high-hazard challenges safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively: Proven Safety Record. Leading Edge Geophysical Detection. Seamless Data Handling and Management. Experienced UXO Technicians and Engineers. Custom Robotic Solutions. Innovation: A Better Way to Do Business.

  • Environmental Solutions

    WESTON knows that industry and government face fierce competition for essential resources - air, land, water, people, facilities. Inefficient use of these resources is a serious threat to improving business productivity and making government services more effective.

  • Emergency Response Services

    Emergency Response Services

    WESTON provides our federal, state, and commercial clients with comprehensive response, recovery, and consequence management services. We ensure that clients can quickly re-establish operations by minimizing risks and mitigating impacts from natural and man-made disasters, including acts of terrorism.

  • Solid Waste & Landfills Services

    Solid Waste & Landfills Services

    WESTON knows the challenges associated with operating, maintaining, and expanding municipal solid waste operations. Our goal is to achieve regulatory compliance, establish economically feasible solutions to complex regulations, evaluate the economics (maximize air space, minimize cost, and limit liabilities), and evaluate the overall effect on the community. We have provided communities throughout the country with sensible solutions to most of the...

  • Sustainable Solutions - Green Development

    At WESTON, Green Development is built on sustainable vision. We add value where economic growth is constrained by natural resources.

  • Brownfield Redevelopment Services

    Brownfield Redevelopment Services

    Local communities in the process of acquisition or divestiture of environmentally impaired properties or brownfield sites face unique challenges. Whether these properties are acquired from federal or state entities or from defunct corporations, local decisionmakers are often presented with real estate burdened by significant environmental liabilities. Analyzing, taking possession of, and disposing of such properties requires a high level of expertise....

  • Greening Cities Services

    Greening Cities Services

    Every city faces its unique challenges, and each presents unique possibilities. WESTON partners with cities through investment opportunities that incorporate sustainability programs, projects, or measures in ways that save - or even generate - money for the future growth of the municipality. We look for cities with assets where value can be unlocked or increased through sustainability solutions and then help them identify assets to leverage with...

  • LEED Consulting Services

    LEED Consulting Services

    The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is a system for designing and constructing environmentally friendly buildings and focuses on five areas of human and environmental health: Sustainable site development. Water savings. Energy efficiency. Materials selection. Indoor environmental quality.

  • Sustainable Operations

    Sustainable Operations improve an organization's performance, while reducing management effort. WESTON's solutions target improving sustainability by creating customized environmental and information management systems. Superior information management facilitates transparency and reporting.

  • Sustainable Facilities Operations Services

    Sustainable Facilities Operations Services

    A sustainable operation makes the best use of resources and produces the least amount of waste while improving efficiency and maximizing profitability. The resulting operational improvements: Lower operating costs through reduced use of energy, water, and raw materials. Improve environmental performance and compliance. Improve stakeholder relations. Address federal requirements as well as state and local ordinances.

  • Climate Change Solutions Services

    Climate Change Solutions Services

    Virtually every organization is under pressure to address climate change – through reduction in its carbon footprint and/or addressing the risks associated with potential impacts from changes in climate. Our climate change solutions practice is devoted to helping our clients address their carbon management and climate adaptation challenges through services that combine highly sophisticated technical approaches with an in-depth understanding of...

  • Ecosystem/Watershed Management Services

    Ecosystem/Watershed Management Services

    Human beings benefit from a healthy and viable ecosystem. An ecosystem’s value comes from its naturally occurring processes, such as flood mitigation, improving water quality, a source of raw materials, or as a site for recreation. WESTON helps to return degraded ecosystems to productivity and to sustainably manage or improve the economic value of healthy ecosystems.

  • Property Redevelopment

    WESTON offers an innovative approach to restoring underperforming assets to their full value by combining site evaluation, planning, remediation, sustainable systems, construction, and real estate management through our Property Redevelopment Program.

  • Environmental Liability Transfer Services

    Environmental Liability Transfer Services

    WESTON specializes in taking on risks from remediation, regulatory uncertainty, and redevelopment to completely remove environmental liability and allow property sale, in as little as 7 months from negotiation to closure. Our ELT services include accepting responsibility for known and unknown site contamination, and our work ends when No Further Action (NFA) letters are issued or the insurance term expires, whichever is later. Typically, we can save...

  • Site Evaluation and Planning Services

    Site Evaluation and Planning Services

    WESTON helps clients view environmentally impaired properties as assets with unrealized potential, rather than as liabilities. We are adept at conducting the site evaluation and planning activities that are necessary to align stakeholders and focus the project on the land’s highest and best use.

  • Brownfield Acquisition and Redevelopment Services

    Brownfield Acquisition and Redevelopment Services

    WESTON has facilitated the sale, remediation and redevelopment of a range of environmentally impaired properties for over fifteen years. This experience, combined with a proven level of technical expertise, allows WESTON to provide total solutions to issues arising from Brownfield Acquisition and Redevelopment. We have extended our passion for restoring the environment to actively transform unproductive properties into economic assets.

  • Energy Solutions

    Organizations are facing increasing demands for sustainable operations-a way to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs tomorrow. At the same time, rising and volatile energy costs and dependence on foreign fuels are creating economic and even security incentives to consider new fuel sources.

  • Greenhouse Gas Management Services

    Greenhouse Gas Management Services

    Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere are often called greenhouse gases (GHG). Some GHG, such as carbon dioxide, occur naturally and are emitted to the atmosphere through natural processes and human activities. Other GHG are created and emitted solely through human activities. Management of GHG entails all of the tasks necessary to understand and manage risks associated with GHG emissions. It comprises a group of services that begin with a GHG...

  • Design and Build Construction- Fuel System Services

    WESTON combines traditional design and construction capabilities with hands-on fuel system operations and management experience to develop integrated solutions to fuel system challenges. The WESTON Fuel System Services Group focuses on projects related to the design, maintenance, repair, upgrade, and environmental concerns for petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL) facilities located worldwide. From designing new systems to demolishing outdated ones, we have the personnel, resources, and cont

  • Fuel System Resources Services

    Fuel System Resources Services

    The experience and qualifications of key WESTON fuel system services personnel involved in petroleum facility services include the following areas of expertise: Fuels Management Specialists. Fuels Project Managers & Construction Managers. Fuel Site Managers, Inspectors, and Technicians. Certified Welders/Inspectors. API 653/570 Certified Inspectors. Construction Inspectors/Technicians. Construction Managers. Cost Estimators.

  • Contracting Vehicles Services

    Contracting Vehicles Services

    WESTON holds numerous Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contracts with federal contracting agencies - such as AFCEE, USACE, and NAVFAC - that may be used for fuel system projects. These contracts vary in scope, capacity, and service fee.

  • Design and Build Construction - Water/Wastewater Systems

    With over 50 years of experience in wastewater systems, WESTON understands the challenges presented by the demands of an increasing population and an aging infrastructure. We use the latest technologies to offer an efficient and cost-effective total solution package for your wastewater needs, giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

  • Area-Wide Planning Services

    Area-Wide Planning Services

    The key to solving today’s big-picture water/wastewater challenges is comprehensive planning and management for your entire system and region. WESTON has over 50 years of experience in the planning, design, construction, operation, and management of water/wastewater facilities and sewer systems, enabling us to help you plan a strategy to reach higher performance levels while controlling operating costs. We can evaluate your wastewater needs,...

  • Treatment Plant Feasibility Studies Services

    Treatment Plant Feasibility Studies Services

    With stricter regulations and increasing community and industrial needs, efficient treatment plant operations are becoming more important than ever. WESTON draws on its extensive experience to analyze the technology, logistics, and economics or your current and planned facilities and infrastructure.

  • Construction Oversight/Management Services

    Construction Oversight/Management Services

    Facilities engineers everywhere face challenges in keeping their infrastructure and property in sound condition and ready for tomorrow’s needs. WESTON combines traditional design and construction capabilities with hands-on project management experience to deliver cost-effective construction services. We are ready to work with your facilities engineers on the scoping, design, construction, and commissioning of new facilities and facility...

  • Waste Reduction, Reclamation & Reuse Services

    Waste Reduction, Reclamation & Reuse Services

    WESTON understands the environmental significance of using reclaimed water for beneficial reuse as opposed to placing demand on valuable potable water supplies. Our highly skilled team of design engineers can provide a wastewater effluent reuse alternative that will provide long-term cost savings and reduce pollutant loading of surface waters.

  • Asset Management Services

    Asset Management Services

    Restoring resource efficiency - it’s at the heart of Asset Management programs and what WESTON does best. We bring exceptional qualifications to the following Asset Management services: Assessment of infrastructure assets for expected remaining life and maintenance, monitoring, and rehabilitation needs. Long range planning. Hydraulic modeling to simulate the response of a system to potential or projected scenarios. Rehabilitation of existing...

  • Receiving Waters Evaluation Services

    Receiving Waters Evaluation Services

    Permits are becoming more restrictive. As limits are reduced and flows increase, understanding the impact of treatment facility discharges to receiving waters is critical to facility planning and design. WESTON combines more that 25 years of ecological studies with 50 years of water/wastewater industry service to provide unique offerings such as bacterial source tracking, forensic ecotoxicology, toxicity identification evaluation,...

  • Design and Build Construction

    WESTON is recognized in the industry for our ability to successfully complete design-build construction projects for our clients throughout the United States and overseas. The design-build construction delivery system minimizes project risk and reduces the delivery schedule through integration of the design and construction phases.

  • Construction Services

    Construction Services

    With offices located strategically through the U.S. and around the globe, and a solid network of subcontractors who mirror our dedication to customer satisfaction and safety, WESTON can expeditiously deliver on your specific construction needs. Client alignment and a commitment to safety are integral parts of WESTON’s construction services. Even in logistically or regulatory challenging environment, you can rely on WESTON to ensure the needs of...

  • Renovation Services

    Renovation Services

    WESTON has over 40 years of experience helping facility managers and owners keep their infrastructure and property in sound condition. Changing and expanding needs for space, upgraded building codes, the need for increased security, accessibility issues, and increased efficiency all drive the need to upgrade and renovate.

  • Demolition and Decommissioning Services

    Demolition and Decommissioning Services

    WESTON has performed a number of demolition and decommissioning projects for our clients over the past 45 years. These projects have included field surveys, sampling and analysis, dismantling/demolition designs, construction demolition phasing, recycle/reuse studies, and transportation and disposal cost analysis.

  • Security Services

    Security Services

    WESTON’s knowledge of security requirements is based on working on a combination of design, construction, and electronic system installations in secure, mission-critical facilities worldwide.