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People spend a large amount of time at work where they expect to live healthy, comfortable productive lives.. Employers and building managers have a responsibility to maintain indoor air quality and thermal comfort not only for compliance with legislation but to promote well-being and profitability. If the workplace is perceived as unacceptable for any reason this can lead to discontent and conflict.

The CIBSE, WHO and HSE publish air quality, noise, lighting and thermal comfort guidelines that if followed should reduce as far as practical health and welfare complaints.

With over 20 years air quality monitoring, heat, light and noise investigations Aquacair Limited will help you demonstrate the highest standards of environmental provision.

If you have responsibilty for infection control or the maintenance of critical environments we provide environmental validation services including HEPA filter Validation.

Critical environments, clean-rooms, and operating theatres require more stringent air quality and ventilation assessment to confirm ISO, GMP, Health Building Note or Health Technical Memorandum compliance. Ventilation rates, air change rates and pressure differentials have to be assessed while higher standards of particle measurement is necessary to ensure departments comply with desired cleanliness standards.

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