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I2M Associates' President and CEO, Jeffrey D. King, P.G., acts as the day-to-day Project Manager for large remediation and redevelopment projects in his affiliated company, Pacific Environmental and Redevelopment Corporation (PERC). One such environmental project involved the environmental clean-up of an industrial site once considered a Brownfields site south of Tacoma, Washington. After overseeing the remediation of over 600,000 cubic yards of soil, King's remediation operations company, PERC, oversaw the construction of a golf course, managed the maintenance of the golf course and the preparation work needed for the sale of over 250 acres of surrounding commercial property.

DuPont Works Site Remediation and Redevelopment – DuPont, Washington
The former DuPont Works Site in DuPont, WA was used by the DuPont Company to manufacture explosives for over 70 years. PERC, in consultation with DuPont and Weyerhaeuser, acted as the day-to-day project managers for the Project that transformed the 841 acre MTCA site from a Brownfield to a Greenfield.

Explosive manufacturing, support and storage activities resulted in contaminated soil throughout the Property. PERC successfully completed or directed the following MTCA activities:

  • Investigation – MTCA Remedial Investigation
  • Evaluation – MTCA Risk Assessment
  • Solution - MTCA Feasibility Study
  • Design – MTCA Remedial Design
  • Public Acceptance of Plan – MTCA Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
  • Remediation/Construction
  • Closure of MTCA Site and No Further Action – MTCA Closure Report
  • Public participation and community outreach programs
  • Cultural Resources Protection Plan

These achievements were remarkable due to the size of the project, changing MTCA regulations, significant cultural and historical resources present at the site, and the variety of stakeholders that were actively involved in the project.

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