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Engineered Containment and Cut off Walls



HBR can design and construct an array of low permeability containment systems to mitigate contaminant migration in the subsurface. These include vertical barriers (walls), basal barriers (floors) and surface barriers (caps).

Vertical techniques provide containment through the use of soil-bentonite and cement-bentonite slurry trench cut-off walls, steel sheet pile walls, puddle clay barrier walls and deep soil mixed barriers.  The use of horizontal or complete encapsulation, such as the treatment of redundant landfill sites and other locations with high contamination concentrations affecting groundwater resources, is commonly provided with a basal liner of geotextile and HDPE or bentonite polymer enriched sands.  Grouted bottom barriers can also be constructed through existing soils/wastes.  These methods promote the use of long term in-situ remediation processes, whilst the groundwater and site end-users are protected.  Our Group Company, Blackwell also has vast experience in the design and construction of landfill cells, which have included engineered basal layers and surface capping systems to prevent infiltration. Geocomposite, geosynthetic and geotextile capping solutions have all been constructed.

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