CD Environmental Engineering, LLC. (CD)

Engineering Design Services


CD Environmental (CD) offers design services for a variety of environmental related issues including: Air Emissions Control Including: Acid Fume Scrubbers. Cyclonic Separators and Baghouses. Flares. Rotary Concentrators. Thermal Oxidizers.

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems Including:
    • Elementary Neutralization
    • Heavy Metals Removal
    • Cyanide Destruction
    • Phosphate Removal
    • Fluoride Removal
    • BOD Reduction
    • TTO Removal
    • Oil & Grease Removal
  • Groundwater & Soil Remediation Systems:
    • Pump & Treat VOGMetals Removal
    • In-Situ Bioremediation (Aerobic & Anaerobic)
    • In-Situ Chemical Fixation
    • Soil Vapor Extraction
    • Phased Separated Chemical Removal
    • Barrier Wall Systems
    • Recovery & Injection Well Systems
  • Water Reuse Systems

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