ENEA-Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

Environmental Characterization, Prevention And Recovery

In the environmental field, ENEA carries out research finalized to the implementation of methodological and technological innovation by following a multidisciplinary approach (engineering, geology, environmental chemistry and geochemistry, microbiology, ecotoxicology, sensoristics, modeling).

In the framework of remediation interventions ENEA is adequately structured, both in field and in laboratories, to carry out the preliminary characterization of contaminated sites and implement the subsequent monitoring plan, also by using innovative approaches for the analyses of organic micropollutants and for the definition of the natural geochemical background levels of toxic and environmentally relevant elements. Moreover, ENEA is involved in the development and standardization of models for the prediction of contaminants environmental behaviour, the effects of the intervention strategies (countermeasures and restoration actions), the ecological, social and economical impacts of such interventions and for the application of these tools in the risk analysis of contaminated sites and the decision-making process. Microbial biotechnologies applied to the bioremediation of contaminated soils, to the production of energy from biomass and to the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage are developed by applying new approaches based on the harnessing of the microbial potential naturally occurring into the environmental matrixes to be treated.

Moreover, ENEA carries out studies on the reduction of risks associated with natural phenomena (earthquakes, landslides …) and on the mitigation of their effects on land and buildings, also by developing proper GIS applications in this field. With specific regard to the seismic risk, ENEA carries out studies and research on: seismic input characterization, seismic zoning and microzoning, and local seismic response, also performed by means of in situ measurements; seismic vulnerability of structures, also by means of in situ experiments and seismic monitoring of civil and industrial structures and historical-artistic monuments and mock-up testing on shaking table; seismic protection of structures by development and application of innovative anti-seismic technologies. Moreover, ENEA provides support for the design, implementation and testing of structures of particular importance and/or equipped with modern seismic protection systems.

In the fields of soil protection and water resources safeguard, ENEA carries out studies and research in support of the land use planning policies for natural risk assessment.

In the above described fields of competence, ENEA directly supports the Italian Public Administration and the Civil Protection National Service, also by participating in the emergency and post-emergency activities consequent to natural disasters.

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