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Pipeline Operations Services

We offer a wide range of Pipeline Operation Services. Our experienced and highly trained staff will not only complete the works to the highest engineering and safety standards, but will compliment this quality with expert technical advice whatever your requirements are.

We can offer customers a full range of pigging services for the management of in-line inspection programmes. This includes planning and co-ordination of the logistical and operational requirements in order to minimise the commercial and operational impact on network operations, maintenance and construction activities.

We can supply a range of preparatory pigs, which are used to prove the bore, geometry and cleanliness of the pipeline, prior to introducing the more sophisticated inspection tools. Where applicable launch/receive trolleys can be provided to aid loading and unloading of the pigs into the Pig Trap. Transmitter / Receiver units can also be provided to aid static location of a pig in the pipeline. A Pig Tracking Service can be provided, to monitor the pig’s progress down the pipeline. Regular feedback ensures the pig does not exceed its operating parameters by monitoring its velocity as it travels along its route.

We offer permanent epoxy sleeve repairs suitable for non-leaking pipeline defects such as dents, gouges, cracks, corrosion or a combination thereof.

Specially trained technicians can carry out an on site assessment of pipeline defects – information is fed back to a mechanical defect assessor who will calculate the damage severity and make recommendations for repair.

Epoxy grouted sleeve repair methods have been approved for many different types of material. Specialist sleeve repairs have been designed over many years to include long / short radius bends, incorporation of branch fittings and also methods of reducing vibration. We carry a stock of 3D bolted – flanged split sleeves, ranging from ½ inch to 48 inch. Any other application considered for the epoxy repair sleeve can be agreed via specialist assessment.

If a valve can be repaired without closing down the pipeline then we generally find a way. We have many years experience of developing solutions to problems with valve operations across all of the main valve types including:
- Flushing and sealing techniques using existing valve connections.
- Sealant-vent plug adaption carried out where blind plugs are fitted.
- Vent-sealant line replacement
- Actuator repairs and replacements – extension tube repairs and replacements
- Steam seal leak repairs
- Re-Validation – pressure testing – under taken at our facilities
- Installation of new valves and pre commissioning checks under taken.

Many of the above techniques make use of specialist equipment which has been design trialled and proven within our own workshops. Where a valve can not be repaired, we have all of the skills, equipment and experience to be able to safely and efficiently cut out and replace it.

We invest heavily to ensure staff are fully trained and assessed to carry out flowstop operations to the highest standard. All equipment is fit for purpose and fully compliant with all current legislation.

We can provide a range of services for operations on Polyethylene pipelines including High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) operating at pressures up to 7 Bar.
These services include:
- Polyethylene Branching Connections up to 630mm parent main diameter
- Squeeze off operations up to 500mm diameter
- Low pressure bagging off operations up to 630mm diameter
- Friatec systems
- SwageliningTM up to 18” parent main diameter
- Profuse systems

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