Remedial Construction Services



WESTON has performed construction management for over 40 years. Over the past 10 years, WESTON has performed construction to remediate contaminated soil, groundwater, sediment, and structures worth over $1 billion. Our involvement in these projects has varied from substantial amounts of self-performed work to pure construction management, including: Studies and Investigations, Design, Remediation, Transportation and Disposal, Beneficial Reuse, and Recycling, and Short- and Long-Term Operations and Maintenance.

WESTON's extensive remedial construction experience enables us to provide our government and private sector clients with:

  • An integrated approach focused on site closure, maximizing safe and efficient work completion.
  • A flexible process, enabling long-term strategy and short-term goal modification to quickly address changing site conditions without significantly impacting budget or schedule.
  • Defined performance-based standards, enabling WESTON to deliver consistent, milestone-based results to our clients.
  • Remedial experts who can identify, assess, design, construct, and operate innovative remedial technologies to cost-effectively achieve clean-up objectives.
  • Cost savings from our emphasis on innovative technologies. WESTON has saved our clients more than $150 million through the application of innovative remedial technologies and approaches.
  • Coordination with regulators and stakeholders to meet regulatory objectives.
  • Smart disposal by identifying and implementing cost-effective disposal, recycling, and beneficial reuse strategies.
  • Minimal impact near construction site, including adjacent businesses or residents, existing services/utilities, client operations at active facilities, and fragile ecosystems and habitats.
  • Land ready for re-use and redevelopment.

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