Transportation Services


Parker Ag currently operates a large fleet of semi tankers for transporting liquid biosolids in large volumes. Each tanker holds about 6,500 gallons. Small volumes are managed using straight trucks with 2,500 to 4,000 gallons of capacity. The number of loads removed range from one load per week to as many as 50 loads per day.


Parker Ag also has a number of options available for removing cake or dry material. A truck-mounted spreader is available for short-term operations where the material is removed and directly applied to a nearby application site. Dump trucks (18 yards capacity) or dump trailers (40 yards capacity) are available for transporting materials longer distances.


For regular cake removal, Parker Ag owns and operates roll-off container systems, which are semi-trailer units that can transport more than 20-net tons per load. Parker Ag provides the containers for the customer to load. When a container is fully loaded, the customer contacts Parker Ag to remove it. This prevents any excess trips to remove partially loaded containers.

In addition, Parker Ag has developed a sideline business, which provides recyclable roll-off containers to various agencies for transporting glass, paper, or refrigerators for recycling.

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