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Based on the assessment of the available energy resource, ARIA Wind is a tool for helping to design wind farms: evaluation of wind potential, optimization of the layout of the park, determination of the variability of energy production. Connected in real time to weather forecasts, ARIA Wind provides the operator with a reliable forecast of turbine production. ARIA Wind is a 3D model of wind field reconstruction adapted to the wind problem that can simultaneously integrate different types of meteorological data and taking into account the same complex topography.

Calculation and optimization of wind potential

  • At the regional level: provide a mapping of the wind potential and specify the preferential sites in terms of wind energy production
  • At the local level: define the optimal configuration of the machines and their location, calculate precisely the production per turbine (kWh / year)

  • Fine consideration of even complex topography
  • Ability to integrate meteorological data from all types of data
  • Reliability of results (validation campaigns)
  • Connected to ARIA Local for micro-site applications

Spatial scale

Scale of the wind turbine: <1 km (ARIA Local)
Scale of a wind farm: 10 x10 km
Regional scale: 100 x 100 km

Meteorological data : all measurements available on the ground or at altitude, outputs of large-scale models (ECMWF, ARPEGE, NMC)

Site entry : digital terrain model, land use, obstacles

Meteorological model

In diagnostic mode SWIFT weather assimilation model

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