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Data, Navigation and Analysis (DNA) Software


Data, Navigation and Analysis (DNA) Software can be used to display and control measurement data on a PC in real time, while maintaining access to all of the instruments measurement and analysis functions it is interfacing with. The DNA software package was developed to integrate and support all types of a variety of measurements from Analyzers, Human Vibration Meters and Sound Level Meters.

Analyzing noise and vibration data can be difficult. Its not often easy to see the patterns or recognize the nuances of complex data sets. Furthermore, presenting data in a way that is meaningful can be challenging, yet perhaps our most important task.

DNA (Data, Navigation, and Analysis) makes maneuvering through extensive data a simple operation and putting together meaningful reports has never been easier. Some of DNAs many features include:

  • Windows XP Pro SP2, Vista Business setup and control of Larson Davis Models 831, SoundTrack LxT, HVM100, 720, 812, 820, 824, 2900B, & 3000+.
  • Multiple live data displays on the PC screen.
  • Stream data directly from analyzer to PC hard drive, including sound files.
  • Read stored data files from analyzer or disk.
  • Create report templates for easy graphing and printing.
  • Organize templates, graphics, and measurements for easy recall.
  • Reports can integrate text, graphics, pictures, or embedded objects (OLE 2.0) such as MS Word, MS Excel and .WAV files.
  • Graph 1/1, 1/3, 1/12, 1/24 octave, FFT and zoom FFT, SLM parameters; statistical distribution and more!
  • Cursor synchronization between different types of graphics with drag and drop functionality for use in a wide variety of applications.

  • Building Acoustics
  • Sound Power Determination
  • Vibration Measurements
  • Statistics
  • Pass-by
  • Sound Intensity
  • Simple Point and Shoot
  • Transient Capture

  • Aircraft Noise
  • Industrial Noise
  • General Surveys
  • Transportation Noise
  • Community Noise
  • Events and Tone

  • Work Place Surveys
  • Machinery Noise

One Software Package for Unlimited Needs

DNA was developed to integrate and fully support all types of measurements made with Larson Davis noise and vibration instrumentation. It replaces the need for several different software applications to achieve what you really want for display, analysis, and reporting of all project measurement data. DNA quickly produces high quality charts, reports, and presentations.

Real-time Display Mode

DNA displays and controls measurement data on a PC in real-time, while maintaining access to all of the instruments measurement and analysis functions.


DNA is What You See Is What You Get software. You place, resize, and manipulate graphical objects, images, graphs, text, and other types of objects on a page. What you see displayed on the screen remains unchanged on the printed report.

Instruments Supported

DNA software interfaces with the Larson Davis Models 831, SoundTrack LxT, HVM100, 812, 820, 824, 2900B, & 3200+ via USB, RS-232 and RS-422. It provides instrument setup and direct conversion and display of data files.

Measurement Organization

DNA saves all measurement-related files as elements of a project file. Project files can contain measurement data, page descriptions, images, audio files, etc. All data are organized in a tree structure (like Windows Explorer). In addition, DNA allows you to drag & drop any object onto project reports.


It is possible to perform any kind of graphic presentation with dimensions, scaling, dotted lines, bar graphs, overlaying, linear and log scales, EU, cursor synchronized among the graphics displayed, etc. Any combination of graphs and objects (even an entire document) can be saved as a template. In addition, you can perform cumulative distribution versus time and for each frequency band, percentile Ln versus time and frequency; frequency versus time, speed, distance or rpm; order analysis, RT-60, etc.


Data Post-Processing

DNA calculates functions including all mathematical operations from data blocks, spectra, multi-spectra, levels versus time, engine revolution or speed, and more. Levels of selected spectral bands can be modified or cancelled, both in frequency and in time domain, for data matrix or multi-spectra. Several weighting curves are included with the software.

Optional Modules

DNA can be expanded to meet your measurement needs with the following modules:

PC Direct Store

  • Stores data directly to a PCs hard drive
  • Intended for applications where instrument memory is not sufficient, e.g. environmental monitoring, passbys, and long run-up

File Audio

  • Stores time domain signal from the instrument to the PC sound card, and then to the hard drive
  • Sound file can be attached to a graph or page
  • Creates .WAV files

Order Tracking Analysis

  • Order extraction from autostore by-Tach
  • Graphics template for order analysis
  • Spectrum vs RPM or Speed for frequency or order

Building Acoustics

  • RT-60 with backward Schroeder Integration
  • ISO R140 & ISO 717
  • ASTM E90-E336 & ASTM E007

Acoustic Intensity

  • Support for ISO 9614
  • Contour plotting (planar only)
  • Overlay on DXF Autocad file of the measurement surface


  • WYSIWYG display. The working page is the same as the printout.
  • Support for 831, SoundTrack LxT, HVM100, 720, 812, 820, 824, 2900B, 3000+

Data Input

  • Import data via floppy disk, USB, RS-232, RS-422, and modem.
  • Real-time control of all measurement and analysis functions of the instrument.
  • Automatic identification of noise events.
  • Easy management of the various instrument setup parameters.
  • Data files for waveforms, statistics, frequency analysis in 1/1, 1/3, 1/12, 1/24 octave and FFT with any kind of spectral resolution, crosspectra, module, phase, real and imaginary part, spectrum, multispectra, harmonic orders, meteorological signals, voltage, current, etc.
  • Measurement file with icons (Measurements Organizer) with Drag and Drop functions for quick selection.


  • Management of graphics, numerical tables, comments, dynamic markers, digital photos, and video clips.
  • Direct import of image files as metafile WMF and EMF or bitmap as DIB or BMP.
  • X, Y, and Z axis definable as linear or logrithmic with selectable values, or using autoscale.
  • Single or multiple cursors synchronized among the displayed graphs.
  • Alignment of graphics and objects.

Post Processing

  • Cut & paste between sequences acquired in the time domain.
  • Measurement recalibration and level modification in frequency and time domain.
  • Spectrograms and 3D graphics (waterfall).
  • Mathematical functions, masks in time and frequency domain, automatic identification of the events, tonal components, etc.
  • Creation of the curve family as ISO-NR, ISO-2633, Isophonics ISO-226, etc.
  • Weighting curves.
  • Statistics on the overall value and per frequency band, also in FFT


  • OLE 2.0 (client) with all Microsoft applications
  • Copy and paste through clipboard both for graphics and numerical tables
  • Undo
  • Email documents
  • On-line help
  • Print preview with multiple pages of a document


  • Pass-by data calculation
  • Direct data acquisition in to PC .WAV files of an event
  • DNA software features and functions apply only to Larson Davis products which support them.


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