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StrataExplorer is an application suite for subsurface mapping and data management. The program can be used to evaluate contaminants, soil and rock properties, minerals, oil and gas deposits, and oil sands. It is ideal for the environmental, geotechnical, mining, oil sands, and petroleum industries. StrataExplorer is comprised of a base application and several extension modules. The base application is used as a platform that all of the other modules build upon.

  • Database Management
  • License Management
  • User Management
  • 3D Display
  • Import/Export

Using the optional extension modules, the program can be used to generate project maps, sample reports, lab analyses reports, boring and well logs, cross-sections, fence diagrams, contour maps, and 3D displays.

All of the samples, wells and borings, cross-sections, contour maps, layers, GIS data, buildings, structures, and excavations entered in a project can be displayed in 3D.

Optional Modules

The following optional extension modules are available:

  • EDMS: Environmental Data Management System
  • WinLoG: Well and Boring Log Module
  • WinFence: Cross-section Module
  • SE_GIS: Geographic Information System Module
  • SE-Map: Gridding and Contour Module
  • SE-Structures: Buildings and Excavations Module

The base application for StrataExplorer is currently being offered for FREE.

The base application of StrataExplorer consists of several components that provide functionality to both the base application and extension modules. These components are the database management, license management, user management,3D display, and import/export.

License Management

  • Controls base application and extension module licenses
  • Support for either stand-alone or network licensing

User Management

  • Users are assigned a username, password, and privilege level
  • Different privilege levels are used to control access to progran functions and data
  • Privilege levels are administrator, power user, limited user, and guest

Database Management

  • Used to store, track, and retrieve all the data in the application
  • Automatic backup of databases
  • Projects can have a password assigned
  • Access rights to data can be restricted to specific personnel or by user privilege level
  • An audit trail of all database changes can be created

3D Display

  • 3D display can be used to show and manipulate wells, borings, samples, cross-sections, contour maps, solids, GIS data, buildings and structures in 3 dimensions
  • Industry standard OpenGL is used to generate the display
  • Displays can be panned and zoomed and contain a light source that can be moved
  • The display of samples, wells, borings, cross-sections, contour maps, and solids can be turned off and on
  • GIS data from the project map can be overlain
  • Contour maps can be displayed as a flat surface or draped at the elevation of the grid nodes
  • Solids are automatically generated from strata that have their top and bottoms defined by contour maps
  • Cutouts can be used to selectively remove portions of solids
  • The transparency of contour maps and project GIS overlays


  • Projects can be exported and imported in Access and XML format
  • WinLoG version 4 and WinFence version 2 projects can be exported
  • AGS version 3 and 4 data can be imported and exported
  • LogSleuth and CanStrat data can be imported
  • Boring and well data can be imported and exported to and from gINT version 8 project databases
  • Ontario and Michigan government water well data can be imported

StrataExplorer requires the following hardware and software to run on your computer:

  • Windows 7 or 8 (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • A graphics adapter that supports OpenGL
  • OpenGL 1.2 or higher
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • At least 20 GB of hard drive space

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