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Geologix Limited

- Version WellXP - Real-Time Cloud Based Software


WellXP provides a one-stop shop for uploading and sharing of all your electronic well assets. This cloud-based, zero footprint system can be accessed from anywhere in the world enabling you to quickly and effectively share well reports, real-time GEO logs and key real-time drilling information.

No Rig Hardware, No Rig Personnel

WellXP is completely cloud hosted. No engineer or server hardware of any kind is sent to the rig.

Monitor Drilling Performance

View rig activity and timeline analysis of PT/NPT and display drilling optimization flags and drilling parameters.

Track and Analyse Subsurface Data

Combine critical depth based data feeds from mudlogging and M/LWD and perform real-time calculations such as Gas Ratios and SW.

Don't Wait for the Geology

Enable the wellsite geologist to send up-to-date geological interpretations direct to WellXP real-time logs using GEO Suite applications.

Collate and Share Static Information

Organise and manage the effective sharing of reports, logs and data within the document portal of WellXP.

Geologix provides a unique multi-well monitoring service that is flexible, customizable and highly accessible.

The service is built on cloud technology providing a web portal to view all well documents and real-time data. WellXP aggregates surface and subsurface logging data from multiple service companies together with key geological interpretations from the wellsite geologist to make a comprehensive real-time display.

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