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Partnering with GeoSmart, we can provide the most precise groundwater flooding dataset available in Britain today. This offers insurers, developers and property asset managers an even more comprehensive overview of flood risk.

  • Covers 100% of properties in Great Britain
  • 5m resolution allows for risk assessment at property level
  • Classifies risk as negligible, low, medium or high (1.5% of properties categorised as high)
  • Identifies areas within a property that may be at risk
  • Considers all aquifer types and permeable superficial deposits driven by overflowing rivers and high tides
  • Focuses on risk rather than susceptibility to provide a less conservative overview

Above is an example of a GW5 groundwater flood risk map of Hemel Hempstead. The advanced resolution is achieved using a 5m horizontal grid resolution which clearly identifies the individual properties at risk. The GW5 data provides information on different groundwater flood risk classification zones as seen by the colouration on the map.

Groundwater flooding is often overlooked when it comes to assessing flood risk. That’s even though it causes two to four times more damage to property than surface flooding events. It may occur far from traditional sources of flooding. It can take up to 30 days to appear after a surface water flooding event or it can often last much longer. All these factors make groundwater flooding harder to predict and more difficult to manage.

Refines your existing view of flood risk

By integrating GeoSmart’s Groundwater Flood Risk Map (GW5) into your flood risk data portfolio you can get a more detailed understanding of flood risk from all sources down to property level.

GW5 corresponds to Ambiental’s flood risk model (UKFloodMap4™). It does this in terms of resolution, precision modelling, quality, and a commitment to continually updating the data against actual groundwater flood events.

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