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The MM Contours ActiveX control is designed to visualize the data given in the random set of points on a plane. Each point is defined by its coordinates x and y and the value v – this is often called as XYZ data. The data are not obliged to be given at nodes of a regular grid, as it frequently is required in similar tools. The MM Contours control provides the algorithm of construction of a regular grid from your irregular data. The control can visualize the data in the form of contouring and/or shading. The labeling of local extrema is also included.

The MM Contours control can be used:

  • in meteorology, demography, geology, oceanography and similar sciences - for visualizing of various measured and calculated parameters on a geographical map.
  • in physics - for visualizing of data (for example, temperature, noise level, contamination) from the arbitrary located sensors.
  • in chemistry - for the analysis of concentration, polymerization, etc.
  • and in many other areas.
  • The control provides automatic tuning of interpolation, contouring and shading so that you could get your first results much faster and easier. For getting better results you can use about 70 properties and methods to select parameters of visualization most appropriate for your data.

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