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Pollution, Prevention and Control Software (PPC)


Recent PPC regulations have substantially increased the burden placed upon local authorities to not only ensure that industrial pollution is reduced, but also to demonstrate that they are implementing the regulations in a transparent and cost-effective manner.

Some of the recently introduced features of the regime that are having an impact on the way local authority officers carry out their duties include:

  • The requirement for Risk Based Inspections
  • Solvent Emissions Directives
  • Best Value Performance Indicators
  • Introduction of annual statistical returns
  • Requirement to make information accessible electronically (e-government)

How Can GeoEnviron help?

The GeoEnviron Pollution Prevention and Control module (PPC) allows Officers to easily manage data on:  

  • Fees
  • Permits issued, revoked etc
  • Complaints
  • Documentation - letters, licences etc
  • Inspections - including time logs
  • Risk assessments
  • Emissions monitoring including wastewater
  • Plant and production details

The module is equipped with a sophisticated task manager and calendar that allows you to program inspections and keep a track of your work load. A large selection of standard reports allows you to quickly and easily generate statistics and reports on inspections. Further custom user reports can be created with the InfoMaker Report Generator add-on.

The module also includes facilities to assist environmental officers to cope with the requirements of new legislation and guidance such as the Solvent Emissions Regulations and the Risk Based Method for Determining the Relative Level of Risk Associated with Processes

The module includes a Samples sub-module which allows you to manage monitoring data. In addition to this, the powerful querying facilities within the database allow you to quickly isolate and retrieve the data you are interested in analyzing. Once located, the data can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel for charting or further manipulation.

As with all GeoEnviron modules, data from PPC can be visualized spatially via the selection of GIS integration facilities.

A web based public register?

GeoEnviron web solutions allow data contained within the database to be viewed via a web browser. So you could have your public register accessible to the public via the internet and reduce the huge amount of time you spend collating and managing paper based registers.

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