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- Stereonets and Rose Diagrams Software


StereoStat is an integrated platform for organizing, manipulating, visualizing and interpreting geological datasets. Functionality includes: Flexible and easy-to-use data importer. Full color plotting. Comprehensive data manipulation and organization. Statistical analysis. StereoStat is must-have software for anyone who needs high quality rose diagram, stereo and tangent plots.

  • Lower/upper hemisphere
  • Equal area/angle
  • 1% and Kamb contouring
  • Moving-window smoothing
  • Star plot generation
  • Variable bin size
  • Fisher statistics, principal components least-squares analysis
  • Object intersection, inter-object angles, paleostress analysis
  • Interactive graphical data selection, isolate your data on the fly!
  • Data management and manipulation, easily create and merge subsets based on fields and attributes

  • Data exports:
  • Graphic exports:
    • BMP
    • WMF
    • AI (Adobe Illustrator)
    • DXF
    • EPS
    • JPEG
    • PDF
    • PNG
    • TIFF

  • New crash reporter to send crash information back via email.
  • Data can be selected from a plot after parent dataset is closed.
  • Simplified startup including removing unnecessary splash screen.
  • Numerous updates for Windows 7 including new installer and dialog behavior.
  • Polyline drawing problem (contours, selection loop).
  • Dip data not parsed correctly when entered in text editor.
  • Print setup problem with no default printer.
  • Data sorting incorrect when using magnitude.
  • Invalid data when selecting on a plot after closing a dataset.
  • Data pasted in reverse order when copy/pasted from data window.
  • Numerous display window fixes including auto-set column widths, colors and fonts.
  • Improved display window performance.

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