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The GEO Software Suite is an integral part of the information delivery workflow of the operations team.

A compact document file (ODF) is authored at the well site to capture data, interpret geology and analyze information over an inherent range of log formats.

Bespoke templates provide a company standard for log presentation and automate common display parameters as well as computations and analysis. Zone reports dramatically increase the efficiency of producing morning reports by collating, averaging,and cross referencing information between midnight depths or formation top markers.

The GEO Software Suite is a modular package that can be customized to suit your operation and budget. The GEO Suite of products consists of: GEO, GEOLite, GEOLogger, GEOX-Section, GEOCatalog, GEOView.

The flexibility of the GEO software suite allows our clients to easily capture mudlog, MWD/LWD, wireline and test data from disparate sources. This enables the user to create dynamic logs by entering, importing, linking, embedding or computing other related information. Based on customer feedback, we have compiled a list of logs typically generated with our applications.

GEO's WITSML (v1.3.1) import/export utility, GEOExport, allows the user to connect to any WITSML compliant system such as those for Schlumberger, Landmark, Paradigm or Baker Hughes for effortless download or upload of well data from GEO.

GEO is a versatile and powerful well logging tool.
GEO is the central application of the GEO Software Suite. It is a versatile application for creating an infinite variety of user-defined plot presentations. Whether it be well proposal charts, well summary logs, well development charts, drilling time charts, core analysis plots and gas ratio logs, GEO can cater for every aspect of your drilling operation.

GEO has an easy to use WYSIWYG interface which presents well logs on the screen as they will appear when plotted. The user can manipulate curve data, lithology blocks, modifiers, symbols directly on screen, to log information into the database.

Present and share your well logs and outputs.
GEO is an effective tool that enables our clients worldwide to produce lithology logs at the well site and to transmit these to the operations base via small email attachments or via our cloud-based storage facility WELLXP. It takes seconds to present and share all the data in a composite log format, or indeed in any other user-defined format, meaning even the most globally dispersed team can stay up-to-speed with every aspect of the operation.

Content can be fully customized to suit individual or corporate preferences. Lithology patterns, modifiers, symbols, headers and trailers can all be designed by the user to match existing or standardized plot requirements.

Flexible functionality and pricing options.
The modules which comprise the GEO log authoring applications are pre-packaged to provide the highest level of flexibility.This standard library of modules provides you with the ability to meet the requirements of your particular operations, or to fit your current budget. You may also add further modules to these base packages in order to create your own truly bespoke solutions.

Drawing on our many years of experience servicing the oil and gas industry, Geologix has optimized the bundling of GEO modules based on the most common operational usage. Our cost cost-effective packages form three distinct levels of functionality: Premium, Plus and Classic, to suit your requirements.

For further information and pricing, please contact our sales team at your nearest Geologix office.

All logs can be enriched by incorporating customized headers and trailers to display tabular information, maps, pictures, logos. charts and spread sheets to enable the creation of complete documents (ODF files) that can be easily shared via emails, Intranet or the Internet.

Because documents contain both the log displays and their constituent data sets, it is very easy for the author to incorporate changes and modify the logs at any time, whether in the comfort of the user's home, while travelling or directly on the corporate network drive. This helps assure the quality of well data and information. Moreover all depth based logs can be dynamically displayed against TVD or TWT (Two-Way-Time) at the press of a button, saving valuable time when correlating against adjacent wells or seismic lines.

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