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Version SLM - Utility Software Programs


The SLM Utility Software Programs interface the Larson Davis Sound Level Meters Model types 720; 812; 820; SoundTrack LxT; 831 and System 824 with a PC and Printer. This enables the instruments to be controlled  from the PC, providing the facility of a large color screen to assist data measurement, instrument control and measurement interpretation. The instruments can be 'setup' from the PC via an Upload routine or 'setup' data can be transferred from the instruments to the PC via a Download routine. Measurement data from the instruments can be translated and used to create reports on the PC which can be exported in the form of Spreadsheets. Data bases can be created and upgraded as required.


The Utility Software for Models 720, 812 and 820 Sound Level Meters is described in the SLM Utility Manual. This Microsoft Windows 3.1-based software includes the following features:

  • All system parameters can be directly accessed to provide complete instrument setup control.
  • The SLM’s calibration can be checked remotely.
  • All SLM data can be download to a computer file.
  • A command window allows full use of the entire set of SLM remote commands.
  • A full keyboard simulation gives remote access to all SLM functions


The 824 Utility program has three sections that perform the functions on the 824:

  • The setup section provides support for creating, editing, storing and retrieving setups from the 824 and from files
  • The download section provides a means by which to retrieve the measurement data from the 824.
  • The translate section provides support for translating the downloaded measurement data, and displaying or printing it in a text format, or exporting the measurement data to a spread sheet program


The SLM Utility-G3 Software enhances the flexibility and ease-of-use of the SLM Models 831 and SoundTrack LxT for all the instruments applications applications by providing setup utilities, instrument calibration, computer-base control of the instrument, data downloading and printing, and an export routine to transfer data to third party software such as a spreadsheet for post processing.

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