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Handling waste and waste streams includes huge amounts of data to be treated accurate and fast. A long row of stakeholders are involved for example waste producers, waste carriers, treatment and disposal plants, waste authorities, consultants, and the public. Impact from waste streams has to be considered using information of affected recipients such as surface waters, water catchment areas, eco localities, and urban settlements.

GeoEnviron Waste Managing module is used by the authorities as well as concessionary waste handling companies for mapping waste amounts, waste types, and waste streams in a ‘cradle to grave’ concept.

Detailed information on producers, carriers and treatment facilities is handled in the module together with information of the individual transportations or group of transportations. As we are talking of complex and considerable amounts of data the module holds import/export facilities with intelligent data validation.

Overview of waste data in GeoEnviron and integration with examples of GIS and Web Application front end for data validation.

The possibilities of expanding the Waste Management module to include other relevant / inter-related data present another key advantage for GeoEnviron.

Relevant modules for future considerations can include for example:

  • Contaminated land - relevant for landfill rehabilitation
  • Recipient module - documentation of ambient environmental status (rivers, water quality, monitoring stations etc.)
  • Water supply module - documentation of water intake, treatment plant information

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