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Environmental training is critical to being compliant to regulations and laws in the construction and utility service industry. Having this understanding will keep your profits from going towards court costs and paying violation fees. Being in environmental compliance means your procedures are conforming to environmental laws, regulations, standards and other requirements such as site permits to operate. Over the years, these regulations and guidelines have increased significantly. Do you know the impact of those changes on your project and your bottom line? Ask HB NEXT, they know how to keep your project on track and profitable.

HB NEXT offers all levels of GSWCC approved Erosion, Sediment and Stormwater Certification Training for developers, contractors, inspectors, plan design and reviewers. HB NEXT also offers NCCER environmental class courses as well.

Did you know HB NEXT served on the board to develop the Georgia’s state approved NPDES Level 1A and 1B courses? HB NEXT fought to keep it as an open book exam. Having the expertise to serve on the board shows just how qualified the instructors and staff at HB NEXT are. Our expertise beats any competitor training program. All Environmental courses are taught by instructors with years of environmental experience. In fact, you are likely to be taught by one of the multiple CPESCs that we have on staff.

Environmental Courses offered

  • NCCER Your Role in the Green Environment
  • NPDES Level 1A
  • NPDES Level 1A Re-Certification
  • NPDES Level 1B
  • NPDES Level 1B Re-Certification
  • NPDES Subcontractor Awareness

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