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Managing Efficient Shutdown and Turnaround Course


Course Duration 5 Days.

Part I:

Introduction to Shutdown & Turnarounds:

  • Introduction
  • The Turnaround in a Business Context
  • Cost of the Event
  • Drain of Resources
  • Hazard to Plant Reliability
  • Strategy
  • Turnaround Philosophy
  • Financial Concerns
  • Current Performance
  • Plant Turnaround History
  • Corporate knowledge
  • Project and maintenance Work Scope
  • Organization
  • An Engineering Perspective
  • Integration
  • The Phases of a Turnaround: Initiation Phase Preparation Phase Execution Phase Termination Phase
  • Conclusion and discussion.

PartI I:
Phase One: Initiating the Turnaround:

  • Initiating the Turnaround
  • The Steering Group
  • Organisation ,Roles and Turnaround Leadership
  • The Purpose of the Steering Group
  • The Methodology
  • Key Event Program
  • Turnaround Preparation Program
  • The Turnaround Manager
  • Leadership Style
  • Selecting the turnaround management (The Preparation Team)
  • Shutdown Planning/Preparation Team
  • Preparation Coordinator
  • Planning Coordinator
  • Planning Team
  • Logistic Coordinator and LogisticTeam
  • Gathering Basic Data:
  • Personal Contacts Formal Meetings Documentation The Critical Path Method:
  • The Greenfield Plant Shutdown
  • Workshop Using MS-Project
  • Skills Practice Exercise
  • Short-Cut Approach to Planning

Phase Two: Preparation of the Turnaround:

  • Validating The Scope of Work
  • Pre-shutdown Work
  • Contractor Management
  • Types of Contracts
  • The Turnaround Organization
  • Planning the Turnaround
  • Approaches to work Estimating
  • Safety Plan
  • The Quality Plan
  • Effective Communication

Phase Three: Executing the Turnaround:

  • Process Shutdown and Start Up
  • Preparing Plant for Maintenance Work
  • Isolation of process Equipment
  • Isolation of Electrical Equipment
  • Removal of Hazardous Substances
  • Hydro-testing Pressure Vessels

Phase Four: Terminating the Turnaround:

  • Shutdown Progress Monitoring and Control: Budgeting, Cost and Progress Control Earned Value Analysis Earned Hours Reporting Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)
  • Finalization and Post-Audit
  • Organizational Learning and Improvemen
  • Post-Audit Report
  • Typical Contents of Post Audit Report
  • Turnaround Performance Review
  • The Greenfield Plant Turnaround
  • Conclusion

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