Applied Catalysts

Air pollution control catalyst solutions for adsorption sector - Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment

The Applied Catalyst Activated Carbon Monolith (ACM) can be used for CO2 capture, H2S adsorption, and hydrocarbon adsorption. The porosity and high surface area of activated carbon is sufficient to allow for long-term capture and subsequent de-adsorption of various gases.


Applied engineers have figured a way to take the incredible adsorptive properties of activated monolith, and extrude these raw materials into a monolith form. Yielding high geometric surface area and low pressure drop in a compact, easy to engineer and scale design, the net result is an optimized product for adsorption of target compounds in a process gas stream.

As an application example, landfills generate a digester gas where the methane is used to power an engine. The ACM can be used to scrub siloxanes present in the gas, to prevent damage to the engine and the emission control catalysts. Another application example is the capture of greenhouse gases such as CO2 to either comply with government regulations or to implement a system where CO2 is used as a feedstock to another process.