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Save up to 95% of your water costs with the HydroVolta UX S wastewater reuse solution. Return of investment lower than 3 years.


The UX-Series combines electrodialysis and ultrasound technology to reuse industrial wastewater as raw water.

Organic materials are the largest pollutant in dairy wastewater, which can have a high BOD and COD content, plus high levels of dissolved oxygen and suspended solids. Therefore, the water needs to be treated in order to comply with discharge quality standards. Increasing water supply and disposal prices, together with increased environmental regulations, require environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solutions to reuse industrial water as raw water.

Reduce water costs

Recover up to 95% of industrial wastewater. Reduce water waste to 5%.

Remove up to 99% of salt

Up to 99% salt rejection. High quality of water produced due to high ion rejection.

Safe for the environment

Chemical-free and environmentally friendly solution based on ultrasound and electrodialysis.

Easy to install

Plug-and-play system; pre-built, pre-tested and pre-qualified unit.

Low maintenance

The system is easily accessible for maintenance while operated.

Low operational costs

The UX Series operates automatically by using low voltage electricity and low pressure (1-2 bar), supported by an advanced monitoring system that keeps it working only when needed.