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Amusement parks/arenas/tourist attractions - Travel & Leisure

Vast quantities of rubbish and waste appear rapidly in amusement parks, at major arenas or at popular tourist attractions. Litter bins are quickly overfilled, which makes the area look a mess and is inconvenient. An automated system for emptying litter bins and waste chutes enhances the environment on a number of levels.

One thing all these systems have in common is that they are periodically under enormous strain from visitors as a lot of waste is generated in a short time. Then it is often difficult for waste collection operatives to get to where they need to be, and these pickups disturb visitors. The Envac solution means that waste can be removed even while events are on without disrupting activities or visitors. This system also improves safety in the area.

Added value

The Envac solution is a long-term investment offering both financial and environmental advantages. It makes areas considerably cleaner while at the same time adding other value:

No need for waste trucks. As there is no need for manual emptying, there is no longer any need for heavy waste collection trucks in the area. Working hours for waste collection are freed up, while visitors avoid having to see disruptive, heavy traffic.

Improved security

Traditional waste handling is a risk factor as the containers constitute a fire hazard, but also because they can be used to conceal illegal objects. Envac systems involve closed, underground waste handling, thereby significantly improving security in the area.

Smart positioning of inlets and containers

Inlets and litter bins can be positioned at points where waste is expected to be generated; near restaurants, bars or walkways, for example. The terminal where the waste is collected is located outside the area.

Improved hygiene

Hygiene is improved considerably, both for people in the area and for waste collection operatives. And as the system is hermetically sealed, waste will not attract pests or insects or release unpleasant odours.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

The cost of the investment is compensated for thanks to considerably lower operation and maintenance costs. Contact us for a calculation of how much you could save.