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Burn Off Ovens for Plastics, Fiber & Chemicals - Plastics & Resins

At Pollution Control Products, our burn off ovens are used for the safe removal of polymer buildup from expensive dies, molds, extrusion screws, breaker plates and other metal parts, eliminating the need for abrasives, toxic chemicals and their health and environmental risks. Below is a common application scenario for our ovens.


Today's plastics, fiber and chemicals manufacturing environments require stringent quality control and safe and effective cleaning of dies and tooling to keep production lines pristine and efficient. Repetitive manual cleaning will in time result in physical damage, not to mention injury to employees. Chemicals and abrasives may pose serious health and environmental consequences.

Changes in process materials or colors, the build-up of polymers or simply routine maintenance requires that equipment be thoroughly cleaned before it is returned to production.


Pollution Control's InertGas™ Cleaning Furnace (Burn-Off Oven) was designed by a polymer chemist and is manufactured specifically for plastic removal. Virtually pollution-free, it's patented Controlled Pyrolysis® process eliminates the use of chemical strippers and other toxic materials. The InertGas™ oven evenly distributes the temperature in the cleaning chamber allowing polymers to flow to a secondary collection chamber for easy disposal.

Pyrolysis is a gentle process that extends the life of parts and tooling. It safely removes polymers vaporizing contaminants into smoke. The smoke is then burned in an afterburner completely consuming all pollutants leaving only invisible, odorless and harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide. The oven's easy-to-operate and self-adjusting control system reduces labor cost, machinery downtime and any risk of damage to parts. Automatic time cycles ensures the oven runs only long enough to clean parts.