Pentek Inc.

Dustless Lead Paint Removal & Nuclear Decon Tools for Lead Paint Removal - Paint

No respirator required. No containment structures. Osha, epa,  rcra & sspc compliance. Combine removal, containment and final packaging into a one-step process using Pentek’s complete lead paint abatement system. The fully integrated process reduces or eliminates the need for worker respiratory protection by reliably reducing hazardous dust emissions far below regulatory requirements.

Dust and debris are captured at the painted surface and automatically transported directly into 55-gallon disposal drums in a dustless operation. The need for engineered containment and ventilation systems is completely eliminated.

No chemicals or abrasive blast media is added to the waste stream, since the process is completely mechanical. The bare minimum of hazardous waste is generated, reducing disposal costs. A single drum can fit up to 2,500 square feet of project surface (about 40 apartments).

Lead paint removal is a highly regulated process. The Pentek system helps meet compliance with OSHA, EPA, RCRA and SSPC. See our compliance page for in-depth information.