High-Pressure Fog Systems for Powerful Environmental Dust and Odor Control - Air and Climate

Environmental control presents tough challenges in any industrial workplace – and dust and odor are at the top of the list. Once again, MicroCool high-pressure fog systems are the answer, with the ideal solution for virtually any application.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Getting dust and odor under control are a must, for worker safety and to meet regulatory requirements. Protect your employees, and protect your business against costly environmental citations and fines, with MicroCool systems for dust suppression and odor control.

Remove dust from the air —

Ultra-fine (10 microns or smaller) fog droplets attract and trap dust particles as they fall to the ground.

Odor neutralizing chemicals can be injected into the air, mixing with the droplets. Malodors are instantly eliminated with the fog.

Lower initial cost —

Unlike ventilation systems, the MicroCool fog system requires no costly air compressors. And it’s significantly less costly to install than bag filter systems.

Built-in controls limit operation to only when required. A MicroCool system uses a fraction of the energy consumed by conventional systems.

A healthier, safer, cooler, more comfortable workplace.