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Industrial wastewater solutions for stainless steel pickling wastewater - Metal - Steel

VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems. Premium technologies for stainless steel pickling. through stainless steel surface pickling processes, protecting the stainless steel from corrosion. This generates rinse water whose toxic contents make it impossible to discharge. It must either be treated or disposed of at high cost.

Physical chemical treatment was used for many years. However, another sustainable, more economical alternative is on the rise: vacuum distillation. Its advantages are:

  • Reliable separation of all heavy metals through physical evaporation
  • No need for precipitants or flocculants
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Purified rinse water recycled in the internal production process
  • Zero liquid discharge production

H2O’s VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems are perfectly tailored to stainless steel pickling needs. Over a dozen proprietary rights and patents make this evaporator a technological leader in vacuum distillation systems. For example, the trendsetting Activepowerclean technology has a self-cleaning fluidised bed which even tackles the hydroxide sludge generated in pickling rinse water. It removes the sludge, prevents coatings, improves the achievable evaporation rate, and saves a heap of maintenance time and expense. And thanks to the enhanced heat transfer in the heat exchanger, you’ll save up to 28% in energy.